Saturday Six #39

Traveling on the East Coast this week, jumping from airport to city to airport to city, so did not get a lot or blog reading and commenting in, but found six favorites nonetheless!

[1] Twenty-five years since Breakfast Club came out, can it be? As a member of the infamous Generation X, I grew up on John Hughes films.  A worshiper of  every single one of them. Pretty in Pink was the first time I ever heard of another girl named Andi.  I completely related to all the characters in Mr. Hughes’s films, he was a master. Thank you Jen of JenX67 for sharing the clip of four of the cast members talking about the film. It was very special to me.

[2] Another brilliant and profound post from my pal Julie of Writing Roads, this time on comfort zones. Incredibly, it seems like her and I played the same games (and mind tricks) when we were children.  I am not surprised!

[3] In the category of “damn I wished I had written that one!,” Amy Thomas writing on Haven in Paris (HiP Blog) wrote the Eat Pray Love Paris version similar to what I did for the Sex and the City Paris. I might still have to do my own version with my own flavor, although Amy’s really rocks!

[4] Euro Chic had another really great guest post this week. In “secrets of french girls,” Ellen Wallace describes the process she went through (while living in Paris for a year) to breakdown just exactly what it is about French women that make them so enchanting.

[5] My blogging bud Alisa of Project Happily Ever After is in Italy (just a *little* jealous), but before she left she wrote a post detailing why she wasn’t bringing her husband or her daughter.  I think it is perfectly healthy to have vacations away from your spouse, in fact I think it should be mandatory from time to time.

[6] A girlfriend of mine sent me an email this week that had me rolling.  But it was too good to be true, as in a true story. So after tracking down the source and finding a hilarious new blog to read I had to share the post that originated the email that seems to be going around the world since 2007! In a post referred to as “The Always Letter,” Wendi Aarons writes an imaginary letter to the brand manager of the maker of Always pads.  I dare you not to laugh when reading it!


  1. You’re like my husband. He has always loved the “Breakfast Club.” And if he’s channel-surfing and finds it showing anywhere, he will stop whatever he’s doing and watch it yet again. 😉

    • @Carolyn, there are several movies that I would stop and watch, but since I don’t watch TV that would be kind of hard! I catch up on TV when I am in hotels!

  2. Great links!

  3. I’d seen the Always letter before and the “have a happy period” warrants that kind of rant. Thanks for sharing it again.

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