Saturday Six #28

Happy Saturday! If you are a cycling fan, the Tour de France starts today and you can admire the lovely French scenery as they broadcast the race, that’s my favorite part!

I am enjoying a 4-day weekend.  Yesterday was my off-Friday and I have Monday off for the 4th of July holiday – it’s a pont (bridge) as they would say in France!  To take advantage of the four days off,  my hubby and I are exploring a second island in the San Juan Islands.  Last year we checked out Lopez Island.

I will have a trip report next week detailing my adventures in Orcas Island, but until then, I offer you this week’s picks for Saturday Six:

[1] I realize that there was a lot of love and marriage picks for last week’s Saturday Six, but I had to include one more for this week’s group. Danielle Steel wrote a beautiful essay called “marriage.” In it she describes her thoughts on the institution, what some of the cultural and generational differences are, and how her feelings have changed over time as she has gotten older.  It is really magnificently well written.  I particularly love how she closes the post:

“So when I think of ‘happily ever after’ now, I am not sure what or of whom I am thinking, or how that vision looks. Hopefully two people who love and respect each other, and after that it’s up to them. And whatever form of Happily Ever After they choose, they have my earnest hope and wish that it works for them.”

[2] I love Google Alerts! I have discovered so many wonderful blogs by using that fantastic little tool.  This week I encountered Ms. Welcome of Perfect Welcome when she wrote about the “French Woman“.  As you know I am a little obsessed with this topic.  The post is a fantastic summary of all those mystical things that make French women extraordinary.

[3] Pink Frenchie of Les Petits Plaisirs wrote a post called “words to live by” where she examines how difficult it is for her sometimes to stop and enjoy the simple things in life.  Having just wrote about this last week in Normal Life, her post resonated with me.

[4] Ever since Maggie of Mighty Girl wrote about her experience at French Laundry, a restaurant I want to try before I die, I have been a fan of her blog. Her lifestyle blog is breezy and fun. Great photos and travel tips,  as well as lifestyle design.  This week she wrote a fabulous post on cocktails which harkens us back to the 1950’s  when the cocktail was a classic. I thought the post was witty and fun.

[5] I adore Jen Lancaster, a humorist author that I have mentioned many times.    I can honestly say that she is the only author that has ever made me laugh out loud while reading a book (Alisa, I think you are going to be the second!).  She is hysterical.  I have been lucky enough to meet her in person at Blissdom ’09.  She has a blog, Jennsylvania, that I faithfully read.  And she happens to be a Twilight fan.  When New Moon came out she wrote a post where she reenacted the movie with the Twilight dolls she purchased at Target (one of her favorite haunts). It was hilarious and she has done it again with Eclipse!

[6] To end, I leave you with a cute post from Alisa of Project Happily Ever After.  In “I’m Starting a Letter Campaign” she shares a childhood letter that her mother recently found and scanned for her. I was a HUGE letter writer and card-sender before the computer became so prolific. I still send cute cards to my best friend just to say hi.  I send postcards to my nieces when I travel, but I haven’t written a letter in awhile and that seems like a very good idea!

What about you?  Did you discover any posts or new blogs that you want to share?

See you next week!

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  1. Jennifer Mattern’s Breed ’em and Weep. I loved the poem Jenn wrote a few days ago. Do check this blog out. It’s out of the ordinary:

  2. Thank you for the Saturday Six, Andi (which I am reading on a Tuesday, lol). I love being introduced to new blogs and good articles, and you know how to pick ’em!

  3. Oh and P.S. I read Jennsylvania, too, and her post with the Twilight dolls is one of my favorites, EVER. It is a RIOT! I had better go and see the Eclipse one! It’s been a while since I checked in with her…

  4. Merci bien for the shout out, Andi! And thanks for introducing me to some lovely new blogs this week.

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