Saturday Six #24

Can I just say that it is incredibly hard to find a picture of six mochi?  It is not a very popular number in Asian culture, so I couldn’t find any photos with six in them!  So I went with rice which is the key ingredient in mochi instead.  Why do I have mochi on the brain? Well it is really two people’s fault, you’ll have to check out this week’s Saturday Six #3 to find out.

You can definitely say that food has a real influence on my life.  I love it.  When I travel, I do so through my stomach!  I wrote this week about eating and traveling in my Eat Pray Love Drink post, if you haven’t checked it out, do so and then complete your journey with my other blogging buds Julie, Alisa and Anne-Fitten and get a chance to win a copy of both Eat Pray Love and Committed. And as last week’s Saturday Six was heavily influenced by travel, this week seems to gravitate towards food….do you think it has anything to do with the fact that I am dieting? Just saying…

Oh and if you are in a prize-winning mood, you can also leave a comment on the final post in my Savvy Auntie series and win a Savvy Auntie tote bag and Rambling Family travel journals.

Now onto this week’s picks:

[1] I can always count on Jen of “are you there God? it’s me, generation X” to invoke deep childhood memories. This week she accomplished this through a post called Gen X Playground Equipment of Lore where she shared photos she found on the interwebs, and my goodness, I think I have been on each and every one of them!  It was a real fun trip down memory lane conjured up by Jen as usual!

[2] Pink Frenchie (!) wrote a beautiful post on les bouquinistes in Paris.  If you have ever been to Paris you have seen their stalls along the Seine.  They come from a long tradition and have such beautiful books and treasures for sale.

[3] Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini started it with this post on Warabi Mochi, a very specialized and flavorful version of mochi that I have tried myself in Tokyo.  She, like I, thought it to be impossible to find or make outside of Japan, but she did it…and included the recipe.  It looks so incredibly yummy that I want my hubby to try to make it at home. But then Foodgal jumped it up a level with her post on The Art of Wagashi where she wrote about the art of mochi and shared a store in the San Francisco Bay Area where you can find these delectable bites.  Ah, got to go get some, must have! She further tortured me with this post.

[4] Amy of God I Love Paris opened my eyes to a unique restaurant in Paris that I was completely unaware of. Nomiya is a 12-seat restaurant above the Palais Tokyo with an exceptional view and it seems a food experience to match.  I am going to have to start trying to get a reservation for my trip in October now!  On top of this experience that she shared, Amy also wrote a great post covering her favorite Paris restaurants.

[5] My French Kitchen had an enticing recipe this week that I could not ignore. Besides introducing me to a vinaigrette that I was not familiar with and now must try, she has a cute story to go along with her post.

[6] I mentioned my daily addiction to you before right? I cannot go a single day without lusting over the lunches and 4:00 snacks that the ladies of Lunch feast.  I seriously want to go work in their office, although as they are architects, that might make for some serious issues on the job front….but damn, these ladies know how to eat! Wednesday they had a chicken dish at Nyonya that looks delicate and fresh and that same day that I had a similar dish at a Thai restaurant and let me tell you, there’s looks as amazing as mine tasted!

Okay, now I have to go eat something!  Anyone else have some good posts to share?

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  1. Sacré bleu! Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Andi. I really wish I could have played on that octopus. What danger! What fun!

    I really enjoy the French stuff more than I can tell you. That Pink post was great. It all makes me want to go to Paris, and I never thought I’d feel that way.

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