Saturday Six #16

Nearly the end of March? Unbelievable.  I have not seen this month at all.  A sign that there are too many things going on and some adjustments will need to be made.

Do you do that? Take stock on a frequent basis to make sure that the things you do are meaningful and bring value to your life?  If not, you should.  Life is not a junket organized to the infinitesimal detail but rather a safari. We should be adventurous (but safe), explore the intricacies of life around us while still being wary of the big game.

I had a week that was a blur, yet it ended with a luxurious three hours in a coffee shop where I lost myself in your posts and thus I share my favorite six for this week.

[1] I know I have said this before, but it bears repeating. Alisa Bowman cracks me up. She is a friend and she is the wickedly talented writer behind the blog Project Happily Ever After.  She has a book coming out based on the blog where she offers free marriage advice and help with vim and vigor and a whole lot of wit.  And because she has a book coming out she is ramping up on promoting it by starting to do TV appearances.  However no one would share “What to Pack for a TV Appearance” in quite the same fashion as Alisa!

[2] Leave it to Julie of Writing Roads to figure out a way to maximize every emotion and every desire to become a force of nature that improves her writing!  When it comes to food I have no will power, I love it, I need it, I crave it.  There is nothing better in life. But it is more than food, I love life and frequently become obsessed with various aspects of this crazy world.  In “Temptation,” Julie has come up with the brilliant idea of bottling that feeling.  What if it could be bottled and shared with those who find life to be gloomy and grey? A little drop of Julie’s Temptation could allow people to see reds and greens and purples and begin to hunger for life.

[3] Don’t you love new readers/commenters? I do!  It’s like Hansel and Gretel. You get a bread crumb trail leading back to someone else’s door and a chance to encounter someone new.  This past week Ingrid of Bento Bliss left several comments here and when I followed her back I was exposed to the most wonderful and fascinating sub-culture of bento boxes!  And in Europe too!  A post where she gave me an award (s0 sweet) allowed me to discover that there are several other blogs besides Ingrid’s (who lives Belgium) that exist around the beautiful culinary art of bento boxes.  You have got to check her blog out, it is amazing.  In just one example where she has “nothing in the fridge” she comes up with a gorgeous – and nutritious – offering.

[4] Has blogging or social media become an obsession to the extent that it might threaten your friendships or relationships IRL (in-real-life)?  Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland ponders this topic as a guest poster on Life Without Pants.  This is something that I am very cautious of.  I try to take stock on a frequent basis to make sure that my priorities are always in the right place.  I would love to (and could) get sucked into blogging as a full time affair, but it is something I just can’t do – until I win the lottery!

[5] The only time I have ever been up at 2:00 a.m. was when I was jetlagged, and even that has not happened too many times. And I am definitely not very coherent.  When Jen of JenX67 is up at 2:00 a.m. the beautiful prose that she creates is breathe-taking.  Even when she is writing about a topic that makes her unhappy. In “When I Survey the Wondrous Hollow Chocolate Easter Bunny” Jen describes her disappointment of the state of church in her community.  I am not a religious person, but I respect the beliefs of others and I am sad that Jen is sad.

[6] This week I started reading Elizabeth Bard’s Lunch in Paris. I am only a fourth into it, but I have been sucked in and love it.  A lot of it parallels the reality of my life with my frenchman and I am enjoying it immensely.  Karin of An Alien Parisienne did a brilliant job of reviewing the book and giving her thoughts on “Meeting Elizabeth Bard of Lunch in Paris.”

And yes, this is cheating a bit, but I have two additional snippets:

[a] I am fascinated with cultural etiquette so loved this post from Fabulously French called “Cutoms and Etiquette in Paris

[b] Sarah, who had been living in the Savoie region of France has moved to Paris (in a tiny apartment in the Montmartre) to go to cooking school.  She just started classes this week and it is going to fun to watch her progress.

Please share your favorites from the week !

Post from one year ago today: Earth Hour 2009 tomorrow 8:30 PM

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  1. Merci beaucoup pour votre suggestions! Have opened multiple tabs on this Sunday morning. Great reading material!
    (pardon my rusty French…)

  2. “Don’t you love new readers/commenters? I do! It’s like Hansel and Gretel. You get a bread crumb trail leading back to someone else’s door and a chance to encounter someone new.”

    Yes! I do!! 😉 Thank you so much for the shout-out on my review of Elizabeth Bard’s book Lunch in Paris. I am so glad to have found your blog as a result, too.

    I also agree: this “blogging thing” really is a wonderful tool for connecting with others and enriching one’s life. Yes, I have had it threaten IRL relationships, but here’s the weird thing. It threatened the relationships to the point that I actually got new IRL relationships. In many ways, the blog family I made starting about five years ago have developed into my IRL friends and contacts, and I feel that I am much more in balance with where my life is “supposed” to be. It’s been an interesting shift… I’d love to be a sociologist and research what actually goes on in this world of blogging and how it impacts life for people. I know it has transformed mine.

    Thanks again, Andi. I’ll be back! 🙂

    • @Karin, thanks for the visit, I have been reading/lurking at your site for awhile, I loved your Pere La Chaise visit a couple of months ago, it has inspired me to go the next time I am in Paris.

  3. Love you, love you, love you. And if you ever give away panties on this blog, I am so here (not that I’m not here anyway….)

    • @Alisa, OMG you should give away on your blog as a follow-up. Do a scavenger hunt with a clue from the news clip…..!

  4. I thought Alisa’s post – and the actual TV appearance were just so freakin’ classic. On my way to check out all of the other posts! You make everything sound soooo good!!!

  5. Gosh, I didn’t expect to be mentioned in a post of yours, and getting so much exposure. Thank you 🙂 Small correction though : I live in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium but that’s just a detail.

    The links you provided are interesting reads, I’ll have to dig into them a bit later. Have a great Sunday.

  6. Thank you, Andi! Thanks for standing with me.

  7. I am reading Lunch in Paris also and I am loving it! 🙂

  8. Love you! Missed you! I love that there is a blog called Life Without Pants. What a concept!

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