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So it looks like everyone survived the Super Bowl and post-game day “who did the best commercial” debate.  I didn’t watch and I saw the commercials on YouTube after the fact.  Instead I played hermit.  Mr. Misadventures was off in the desert this past week taking photos and I spent time catching up on this and that with the blog. I was also a little under the weather as there is cold/flu making its way around the office.

This weekend we are getting some rare rain and that enhances my home-dwelling desires by a magnitude of ten! Nothing better on a rainy day to snuggle under the covers and read or watch movies.

If you are in a spot that is having an actual winter, or also in Northern California facing the rain, here is some great reading material. Six of my favorite posts that crossed my path via my weekly blog travels.  Hope you enjoy!

[1] I love travel bloggers and love featuring them every week on Traveler Tuesday.  The reason being is that I think travel bloggers, really like most bloggers, are unique little snowflakes, each with their own experiences and perspective.  Which is precisely why I read them, and use them when researching new locations to visit.  If I connect with someone on their blog, if I like their style or the approach to travel, or if they gravitate towards food like me, then I am really interested in their perspective on a place I have been or want to go.

That is what a travel blog is.  What it is not is the end-all-be-all resource for a specific location, something that one of my favorite travel bloggers (he has appeared in many Saturday Sixes!) Matt of Landlopers discussed this week in his post, “What a Good Travel Blog is NOT.”

[2] Local Adventurer is also one of my favorites.  Esther and Jacob have a keen sense of uncovering the cool stuff around them. They are currently in Las Vegas and there are about a dozen places that I now need to check out on my next trip to Sin City.  They also hop over to Los Angeles to do filming for Jacob’s YouTube series and are constantly sharing (teasing) about their food finds there.  And they travel internationally and take absolutely gorgeous, amazing photographs.  Wherever they go Esther creates beautiful and useful guides to help you take advantage of the location.  She certainly did that in her post this week on the Acropolis of Athens.

[3] “Kill them with kindness.” I am always telling my husband that. I spent a huge chunk of my life being aggravated by everything and everyone.  It was tiring. Then one day in April 2002, I woke and decided, “enough.” I have never looked back.  There are tons of crazy, rude, stupid people in this world and you can either let it get you down or you can kill them with kindness, something Jen also mentioned last week). And as Charlotte of Charlotte’s Little Web said: “Nothing pisses off a pissed off person like a big, fat, goofy smile.” Read Charlotte’s experiences with “all Gods children.

[4] It takes awhile for you to be comfortable in your own skin, especially for women.  I think it really is something that comes with age.  Society hasn’t done the best job at making girls feel validated.  Movements like #GirlBoss and #RunLikeAGirl are thrilling to see as I hope it instills a sense of self-confidence in girls that’s been missing.  I love Camesha’s essay on self-worth this week.

[5] I think this is the first time I am sharing a blog post that is actually someone else’s list post round-up of their favorite reads, but as I linked over to all of Angie’s recommendations from this week’s Friday Favorites Blogger Love on Chasing My Halo I kept wanting to copy the link and add it to my Saturday Six picks.  But then I had her entire list and thought, “well that’s dumb, I should just share Angie’s list!” Please go read all the wonderful posts that Angie shared this week, it is an exceptional collection!

[6] I could have just added Christina’s gnocchi recipe to my weekly meal selection below and be done with it. But her post was less of a recipe and more of a love letter to her family and its wonderful Italian heritage. So I had to include it here instead. Christina’s Cucina is such a wonderful blend of all that makes up this talented food blogger of Scotch, Italian origin – now loving her now SoCal life and family.  Family is always there and poignantly present in this week’s Zia Iolanda’s gnocchi.

My Weekly Fantasy Meal


Photo credits: The Artful Desperado, I am a Food Blog, Minimalist Baker, Cookie + Kate, Joy the Baker and Love & Olive Oil

This week I seem to have had two things on my mind, burgers and anything with orange! Here is my fantasy meal:

> As a apero (pre-dinner cocktail) I am having blood orange pomegranate sparkling sangria from Cookie + Kate.
> My main course is a burger bar featuring a Gagchtochter chorizo burger with grilled mushrooms and smoked Havarti from The Artful Desperado; the sweet potato black bean burger from Minimalist Baker and the egg-in-a-hole grilled cheese ultimate hangover burger from I am a Food Blog.
> After I take a long nap, dessert will be orange cream cheese pound cake from Joy the Baker served with coconut tapioca pudding with blood orange from Love & Olive Oil.

Happenings in the Misadventures household

This time of year I am always nostalgic for my old job at Dolby.  It is not that I don’t love my current job, it is just that I had so much fun during award season.  I got to go to three GRAMMYs and one Oscar and it was a blast.  It made me reminiscent and I went back to read some of my old adventures (here and here on the blog as well as a guest post I wrote from Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolates).

That’s it for this week!

I am heading to Monterey next weekend to work the Pebble Beach event and enjoy the extended holiday weekend with Mr. Misadventures, how about you? What have you been up to?  Is there a really great post you read recently that you want to share?

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  1. That Blood Orange and pomegranate sparkling sangria looks fantastic. So do Christina’s gnocchi!
    Cynthia/What A Girl Eats recently posted…Afternoon Tea At The Historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel

  2. I loved that blog post! Also, hey! That’s Pinewood Social in Nashville at the top of the page =)
    Camels & Chocolate recently posted…Off Piste: Fat Biking in Breck

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Kristin, that place looks like a ton of fun. This photo is from Death to Stock photo, their Nashville trip (obviously), they took a lot of fun shots there.

  3. I kind of wish it would rain here, too. I could use a weekend to hibernate under the covers and read all these great posts here!
    Lois Alter Mark recently posted…win a copy of “nightcrawler” starring jake gyllenhaal!

  4. Thank you for directing me to Camesha’s essay (and her blog). Loved it. It stood out most on your list here so I read it first but will surely check out the others. Cheers!
    Lisa at Grandma’s Briefs recently posted…Saturday movie review: Birdman

  5. You’re right–good rainy day weekend reading. Thanks, Andi! 🙂
    Jenna recently posted…My Wish List for 2015

  6. Thank you so much for the mention! Honored.

    Headed to check out these fab posts!
    Camesha recently posted…Because You’re Worth It

  7. I love your description of travel bloggers. 🙂
    Colleen Brynn recently posted…Reflecting On A Few Things: School Is Winter

  8. I loved your curated content this afternoon and I Hope you enjoy your time in my favorite place ever! I miss living there!
    Carol Cassara recently posted…Are you too busy to get to the business of life?

  9. I was in Monterey a few weeks ago. I love it there. And I, too, wish it rain more. It’s like winter has disappeared.

  10. Those fantasy meal pictures are making me feel very hungry! I don’t blame you for day dreaming about them!!
    Vicky recently posted…Silent Sunday

  11. Thank you so much for including me, Andi! You are truly so kind in your description of my post! I am honored to be included in this wonderful list. CC
    Christina @ Christina’s Cucina recently posted…Zia Iolanda’s Gnocchi with a Sicilian Oxtail Tomato Sauce Recipe

  12. Thank you so much for the links to what I am sure will be great reading! I love introductions to new voices. Bookmarking for a “rain day” in my world!
    Ruth Curran recently posted…Happy Every Day to All of You!

  13. Thanks again for the mention Andi! I’ve been in a burger state of mind also, and that smoked Harvati one sounds divine (as does the Orange cream cheese pound cake)! How fun to have worked at Dolby during award season, that seems like a dream job :-). Have a great weekend!
    Angie recently posted…Valentine’s Decorations

  14. I found this dude with the best job in the world and though I’d like to share if you have not heard of him

  15. barbara langley says:

    I enjoyed reading about killing them with kindness, I very much agree. I try to stick to this attitude as well,its not always easy .

  16. Rainy weekends are great for blogging, I don’t feel guilty for saying inside and working on my websites! I want to eat EVERYTHING on that collage as well. Some great bloggers in the saturday six too!
    Amanda @ MoveLoveEat recently posted…How to arrive at your destination feeling fresh

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Amanda, thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it! Could you eat all three burgers? How about if we share, then we wouldn’t feel so bad!

  17. I am in Vegas often visiting family and thanks to The Local Adventurer link, I have also added a few more attractions to my list for our next trip! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Food bloggers take the best photos. I wish I knew their secret. (Coconut pudding with blood orange, gnocchi, etc.) Saturday Six always gives me a little wanderlust, Andi. A wonderful list as usual. Thank you!
    jen recently posted…Prelude To Spring

  19. Last week was my outside time and this weekend staying inside. Love your fantasy meals…. Yum
    Becky recently posted…Berlin & Beyond 2015: Zwischen Welten

  20. I have read many great posts. Too many to share.
    Beth@KCMompreneurs recently posted…Whitney Young with Pink Zebra

  21. I always love these posts of yours! It’s fun finding other bloggers to follow.
    Alicia Snow recently posted…Dream Nursery Inspiration

  22. Tooooooootally making that blood orange drink – yum!

  23. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    I loved this post. Especially the part about killing them with kindness. That’s my motto too!

  24. #RunLikeAGirl is the ONLY commercial that captured my attention. That was the best of all. 🙂
    Shipra recently posted…Bear Pawlish Bow Ties are Cool + Maleficent Swatches and Review

  25. I played hermit too during the superbowl. My husband had to work and my daughter was sick so I was just watching my shows and watched the commercials online.
    Karissa recently posted…Motivational Monday +linkup #14

  26. i thought i already commented on this.. but i guess not!! thank you Andi for all your kind words. 🙂 i’m checking out all the other posts right now! <3

  27. barbara langley says:

    Thet Blood Orange and pomegranate sparkling sangria looks great,they all do.

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