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Saturday Six November 29
If you are in the U.S., I hope you all survived your day of gluttonous eating followed by a day of gluttonous shopping.  If you are an expat, hope you had the opportunity to have a little bite of home at a Friendsgiving.  If you are neither than welcome to Saturday!  During this holiday weekend I have been hibernating at home, we ducked out Thursday morning for dimsum but haven’t left the house since!  If you are hermitting at home trying to avoid the crowds, I’ve got some great blog posts for you to enjoy!

Let’s have a look!

Andi in Florence

Photo credit: Sel & Poivre Photography

[1] The photo above is me on the roof of the beautiful Westin Excelsior in Florence on the night Mr. Misadventures and I arrived for our trip in May.  Someday I will actually blog about this hotel which we have stayed at twice (in 2007 and 2014) but in the meantime, and for sure with more stunning photos than I can produce, you much check out Kirsten Alana of Aviators and a Camera’s post on her luxurious stay in Florence with SGPLife.  As I have mentioned many, many times I am a very loyal SPG fangirl who has enjoyed amazing stays in Starwood properties all over the world.  Actually getting paid to stay? Well that is just a fantasy job!

[2] I’ve got Portuguese roots and have had the opportunity to see a tiny part of Portugal while my family was living in Spain, but I have not explored enough of this exceptional country or its capitol, Lisbon.  One of my favorite photographers Sivan Askayo has taken many gorgeous photo there. This week Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel wrote about her recent visit, a very short trip, and once again lighted a fire of desire – I have to get that trip planned asap.  Check out her taste of Lisbon.

[3] Until reading Jodi of Legal Nomad’s post this week, I had never heard of a repositioning cruise. I now want to do one.  And I want to do one with Jodi! What an amazing adventure!

[4] Both Katie and Christina are putting me to shame.  Their posts on their trips to Italy only continue to serve as a giant thought bubble over my head that will not dissipate no matter what I do! It screams at me “Italy posts!”  Yet I have still have several to do! Or maybe I will just keep directing you to everyone else’s great Italy posts and be done with it!  It can’t be helped when you have ones like this one from Christina’s Cucina which describes creating one of my absolute favorite pastas, spaghetti cacio e pepe which is spaghetti with pecorino cheese (my favorite Italian cheese) and black pepper. It is the simplest of dishes, but then again, most Italian dishes are and they are sent from the gods!  Check out Christina’s experience making it with a pro.

[5] Feeling the way I have been about Thanksgiving and Christmas as of late, I could not help but love Jenny on the Spot’s essay “back in the early 80’s when everything was closed on Thanksgiving.” Amen, sister.

[6] Blogging is work.  A lot of work.  Especially when you have another full time job.  There are rewards for the hard work.  And when they start flowing in, it is very important to consider not saying yes to everything.  The power of saying no is exactly what Kelby of Type A Parent discussed recently and it is an incredibly important blog – and life – lesson.


Here are a couple of dishes that caught my eye:

From The View from Great Island, drunken cranberry cocktail meatballs – check out the toothpicks!

From Framed Cooks, banana jam – I love all things banana and have NEVER seen jam!

From Brown-Eyes Baker, honey muffins – my honey has recently discovered cornbread, he also loves honey, so I am thinking of surprising him with these.

Happenings in the Misadventures household

bnd-buy-nothing-day-2014For the seventh year in a row I participated in Buy Nothing Day. It’s exactly like it sounds, a suppression of purchasing.  From the site they define it as: “Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against consumerism celebrated annually just after Thanksgiving.”

Tomorrow is a very important day – Small Business Saturday – so if you are considering shopping, please #ShopSmall.  Think local, support small businesses – both online and offline.  Check out Etsy where there are thousands of crafters just waiting for your orders of their handmade goods.

I haven’t updated you on Jessica for awhile.  She is doing very well.  Still recovering.  We have to keep her in a smallish space to prevent her from accidentally re-injuring herself.  I think she is getting a little bored.  She is more insistent about spending time with me as well.  Here she is sleeping on my hubby’s chair next to me as I write this post – her blankets and set-up is literally on the floor one foot away, but she wants to sit here!

The leg that is showing is the one that had the cast, as you can see, it looks pretty good!


– There is still time to enter the $750 PayPal cash giveaway – everyone needs holiday cash!
– There is still time to enter the $750 Amazon gift card giveaway – that is a whole lot of holiday shopping for those of you who do it.
– If you are a fan of movies, you might like this video.
– Got Norway, the Northern Lights or dog sledding on your bucket list? Then consider Hurtigruten Cruises, I am!  Here’s why I want to explore Norway with Hurtigruten.

That’s it for this week!

How about you? What have you been up to?  Is there a really great post you read recently that you want to share?

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  1. It must be really nice that you have some family who still lives in the country. I wish I could’ve knew where my family was from.

  2. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    I am happy that ya’ll could take a trip like that. Awesome. Small Business Saturday is so important also!

  3. Awesome post. I love your sites design. What site did you get the header?
    Kimchi Cakes recently posted…Sheinside’s Holiday Wear

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @KimchiCakes, I designed the header with a friend who is an illustrator several years ago. I recently refreshed it to make it lighter and brighter. Thanks for the compliment!

  4. Great round-up! The posts on Italy made me miss the country- I was there this past summer and miss it lots! (Cacio e pepe included.)
    genevieve @ gratitude & greens recently posted…Friday, I Am Grateful: American Thanksgiving + The Best Pecan Pie Ever

  5. I love “Buy nothing day!” I wish I would have bought nothing. I didn’t leave my house though so that’s cool. 🙂

  6. You are too kind, Andi! Thank you so much for including me, especially with the rest of the bloggers! I’m sure you’ll eventually get around to your Italy posts 🙂 I still have England posts to do, so don’t feel you’re the only one…we’re only human, right? 🙂 Love the b & w shot of you!
    Christina @ Christina’s Cucina recently posted…Casa Lawrence and a Recipe for Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe (Spaghetti with Pecorino Cheese and Black Pepper) Part 2

  7. What a meaningful vacation! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! <3
    Shipra recently posted…Zoya Wishes Collection Photos, Swatches, and Review

  8. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Thank you for sharing this great post. I enjoy what you write as well as the others post you direct us to. I also appreciate the few great recipes. Have a wonderful holiday, Hope you enjoyed Thursday hibernating. We had a great family meal and day together

  9. I’m always happy at the mention of dessert! <3

  10. Good to hear Jessica is doing better. Happy belated Thanksgiving.
    Joyce@MyStayAtHomeAdventures recently posted…Sam’s Club 2014 Cyber Monday Deals

  11. Great post! What a pretty kitty! Thank you for sharing.

  12. I’ve been wanting to do a repositioning cruise for a while. And wow, I just realized that it’s been like 14 years since I’ve been on any kind of cruse! Gotta get on that!

  13. these are very interesting items to read! cute cat!

  14. great post very intersting 🙂

  15. I like your cat so much! I found a really great travel blogger today but his site has too many ads, I’m a bit disappointed . Have a great week ahead.

  16. Your kitty is adorable! I’m not from the US but judging from the stories I hear about Black Friday I think I would rather stay in and hibernate that day!
    Veronica Lee recently posted…Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

  17. I visited Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome, and south of Naples) in 2010 and I have been dreaming of returning ever since. I loved Florence – thank you for your picture for reminding me of its beauty and thank you for the links to posts talking about Italy!
    Sarah recently posted…Thanksgiving

  18. Great post and that kitty is just so adorable, loved the link about the cruise 🙂
    Sarah Shermann recently posted…Lentil Ragu

  19. Amanda Love says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Portugal. My great grandmother was from Portugal and I have yet to meet that side of my family.

  20. Great Post. I’d love to do some international traveling someday. I love the picture of your cat.
    karissa recently posted…Friday favorites plus my final sale of the year

  21. Small business Saturday for the win! Christmas time is even more meaningful when we shop small I think. <3

  22. the power of saying no is something everyone should invest in. Honestly, I’m just now starting to say no and it’s hard I always feel so guilty!


  23. i supported by nothing day today

  24. Glad to hear about your kitty. Great links. I’m gonna go check out that cruise. Loving Katie’s Italy posts too.
    Colleen Brynn recently posted…Again And Again And Again

  25. Love the buy nothing day! I have never heard of that before – but will for sure be making that a tradition in my life moving forward!

  26. I love portugal it been so close to the UK and having the most amazing beaches around, also spain I stayed in costa de sol for a while then we drove up to Madrid. Love travelling, can not wait to check some of these links you have kindly shared
    Myrabev recently posted…Week 53: Personal Confessions ~ My Christmas is different to yours

  27. Kristen Schwarz says:

    I decided to hibernate and cuddle with my oh so adorable baby. I skipped the ridiculous shopping.

  28. This is probably pretty telling of who I am, but my favorite part of this post is the beginning when you refer to Thxgvg as the gluttonous day… It totally is and makes me want to vomit just thinking about it. Come to think of it, I’m still a bit full from the meal we had… And on to xmas- more gluttony and greed, coming right up, and yes, I’m participating. Ugh! Great post!
    Jill Pond recently posted…20 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

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