Saturday Six #100

Saturday Six 100I have been on a little hiatus for the last two weeks, posting very little during that time. The only one who really noticed was Jennifer. But I guess the  fact everyone else didn’t notice means I won’t lose the rest of you because you think I have abandoned you!

I will be back to daily posting as of today, although I won’t be bringing back the daily photo series, instead I am getting my photo fix with Instagram, Foodspotting and Tumblr.

The first Saturday Six took place on November 7, 2009 and I can’t believe I am already at 100! A few months ago I did a post that shared who some of the top picks have been over the last couple of years.

I thought about doing something special to celebrate 100 posts for this series, but  decided to stay true to the reason I do this series in the first place and that is to celebrate you, so without further delay, here are this week’s Saturday Six:

[1] I travel a lot.  Maybe not as much as the other Andi or Kristin, but I do my fair share.  People travel for different reasons, but as Matt of Landlopers so perfectly said, all the reasons, no matter what they are, are based in selfishness.  I know I travel because I love it.  I enjoy every aspect of it, from start to finish.  Even the parts before the travel, the planning, packing, etc. And reliving the travel after, whether it be here on this blog, or enjoying my photos or reliving my memories.  In the end it is all about me, there is just no other way around it, and I am so glad Matt just put it out there!  I love this passage from his post:

“No matter how you cut it, travel is inherently selfish because we are the primary recipients of anything positive from the experience. But that’s not only ok, it’s great and should be encouraged.”

[2] When I was growing up I went on road trips with my family to go from point A to point B, usually when we were moving to a new state.  They were quick (because that is how my father drove!) and filled with Motel 6 (if we stopped to sleep at all) and Denny’s.  I once went on a roadtrip by myself driving from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Seattle area to visit my parents.  But it is hard to really justify it as a roadtrip because, taking after my father, I did it in 13 hours with a single stop to get gas and go pee.  I was so inspired last year while reading about Kristin’s Great American Roadtrip adventures.  So much so that I am going on a mini (seriously miniscule) version of it next month.  But I still feel like there are many road trips that I really need to do.  I have been enjoying a vicarious roadtrip through California with Spencer Spellman of The Traveling Philosopher who it traveling with Vagabond 3 on a trip sponsored by Expedia.  Jade wrote a great post about 10 California roadtrip surprises that she has experienced along the way.

[3] As I have mentioned many times before, I don’t watch a lot of TV.  I get a couple of series on iTunes which I usually reserve for airplane (or BART) rides.  There are also a couple of series that my husband and I watch via Netflix streaming.  When I do watch TV (usually in hotel rooms) it is the Food Channel that I gravitate to.  I love things like Chopped and Iron Chef which I think really challenges chefs to come up with amazing dishes under a huge time pressure. I enjoy Iron Chef Michael Symon so I devoured Lisa of With Style & Grace’s interview with him, lucky girl!

[4] Not shy of luck (stemming from years and years of hard work) is David Lebovitz.  Maybe it is karma.  He has been having such a tough time remodeling the new apartment he bought in Paris that his weekend in Monaco was a well-deserved treat.  I certainly enjoyed reading about it!

[5] I know from posts that Kristin has written that the life of a travel writer is not as glamorous as it sounds. But that doesn’t mean that many of us don’t still dream of doing it!  Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland has found another very interesting candidate for her Franco File Friday series, this time travel writer Nicola Williams who just so happens to be based in France.  Not a bad career or base camp!  Also from Lindsey is another great article she wrote in the new travel magazine Wayfare, this time on Paris pastries.

[6] This last post just had me giggling and that is always good for the heart.  Jenny Mac from Let’s Have a Cocktail explains several things you should not do!

A bit of housekeeping…

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That’s it for this week!

How about you? Have any good posts you discovered in your blogosphere journeys that you want to share? How do you discover new blogs?

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  1. I just read Jenny Mac’s post-you’re right it’s a giggler! Thanks for continuing this Saturday Six view of the blog-world. It’s always fun and I’ve found new blogs to follow because of it.

  2. Thank you Andi!! Nicola is such an inspiration 🙂 As is Kristin – we should be grateful for their hard work particularly given the unglamorous conditions!

  3. Oooh where all are you headed on your road trip? So excited for you! And I’ve also been loving Jade and Spencer’s road trip posts–two of my favorite blog-to-IRL friends who have had quite the entertaining adventures with Expedia!

    • @Kristin, we are going to: Zion, Coyote Buttes, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and Moab we are actually staying at Sorrel too!

  4. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I haven’t been to Coyote or Antelope, but the other places are some of my favorite in the world. Utah is just spectacular! And you will LOVE Sorrel. I want to go back there.

    • @Kristin, when my hubby mentioned it as a possible place to stay I immediately pulled up your post and said “yes please!”

  5. Some great company I have here and I always love being mentioned alongside Kristin! Thanks for the mention Andi!

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