People watching at CES 2012

CES International 2012You can go to any number of technology blogs and websites and see what the electronics news was coming out of the annual CES show (hint smaller, thinner tablets; bigger, thinner and more green TVs and lots and lots of accessories), but when I am not working I like to simply people watch at the show.

I was only at the show two days this year (as opposed to the full four days I did in 2010 and 2011) so I did a lot less people watching than usual, but I did get through all three (humongous) halls which is a feat in itself.

I am very happy to report that I saw very little of what the industry calls booth babes and what I call CES Porn. Just a few instances like these:

Mini skirt and high heels at CES

I wonder what her feet felt like at the end of the day?

Or these lovely ladies who seemed to stay in a tightly formed bunch:

Wanna Hook Up?

No…I don’t.

Way classier and much more fun were the ladies of the Nikon booth who had gorgeous outfits which they changed every half day.  I did not get to see them all, but I loved what I saw!

Nikon Ladies CES 2012

Nikon Ladies CES 2012

Nikon Ladies CES 2012
I ran into Miss America who is photogenic but wears a ton of make-up.  She was on her last tour of duty as she lost her crown over this past weekend to the new 2012 winner.

Miss America 2011
While not photogenic, this man is a photo genius.  I stopped in the Polaroid booth to listen for a short bit to renowned photographer Jim McHugh who presented some of the photos and Polaroids he has taken over the last 30 years, including lots of celebrities.

Jim McHugh in the Polaroid Booth at CES 2012
Of course it wouldn’t be Vegas without a showgirl, so I got one of those too!

Vegas Showgirl at CES
I was very happy to see Be.ez bags in a nice booth as they were just in a little tiny table last year.  They have added to their line of bags to include camera bags and I stopped to take a look and to chat in French with some of the booth staff.

I also had a lengthy conversation with a journalist from France who attended the press conference that my company had with LL Cool J – see photo below from Dolby’s Flickr album:

Dolby and LLCOOLJ present Boomdizzle Press Conference at CES 201

He was super cool (he is the striped arms in the front in the left of the photo, wish I could have taken a photo with him, as he was so nice) and I got to practice my French for about 10 minutes – which I need!  If you check out a larger version of the photo you might be able to see me or my glasses in the upper left corner.  I was taking photos and trying to (unsuccessfully) tweet out sound-bytes from the press conference (internet connection sucks at CES!)

CES 2012 is over!

How about you? Did you go? Tune-in? Follow on blogs or Twitter?  What do you think?

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  1. Even scarier than the booth babe in the hot pink micro-mini is the female attendee in the white ‘dress’ (looks more like the kind of terrycloth coverall you put on poolside) and flip flops. Does she think she’s at the friggin’ beach???

  2. Robin Quick says:

    Great Pics Andi ! I really enjoy them!
    I dont know how those girls wear those heels either. My hubby & I were in Wal-Mart last night & we saw several women in 5 inch heels! We both were wondering why on earth would these women wear 5 inch heels to WalMart!! I told him I know their feet have to hurt. He said maybe they’re use to them. I told him I would never get use to 5 inch heels! I wore 2 & 3 inch heels in my teens & 20’s but it wasnt something I wore every day! Now that Im in my early 40’s you wont find me in a heel over an inch or 2 and even then its a chunky heel ! LOL

    • @Robin, me either! I keep thinking you have to work your way up to it, but I don’t think I ever can, even after 30 minutes I am toast. The most I wear is 2 inches but not very often and always a thick heel.

  3. star-shine says:

    You took a lot of awesome pictures! I really wish I could have gone to CES in Las Vegas! You’re lucky; I was stuck working at DISH. Oh well maybe next year. Wow, I hate wearing heels, I’m a ballet flats girl if I say so myself. I am a huge tech geek and I am always wanting the new and improved gadgets. One in particular that caught my eye was the Hopper! I always use my DVR to stay connected with shows so the bigger, the better. It has a huge DVR recording space. The remote finder is even better. I can’t wait till this DVR gets released.

  4. Stephanie Gossett says:

    These pictures were stunning! I also speak French (mostly 🙂 and finding a place to practice it can prove to be a challenge!

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