(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #144: Inside Orsay Museum

Inside Orsay Museum Paris
The inside of the Orsay museum in Paris is incredibly beautiful.  What I find to be an absolute shame is that they don’t allow photos.  I get that flash on rare paintings is not a good ting and agree with the rule there, but the rest of the museum should be available for people to see.  The only way to see should not be by buying something from the gift shop.

The building should be shared with the world via photos which I actually think encourages people to come to Paris to seek it out.  It is incredibly disappointing to have such a beautiful place that can’t be shared.

How about you? Have you experienced a “no photo zone” somewhere in the world that you think is a real shame?

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  1. I’m so sad they don’t allow photos! I’m so excited to visit the Orsay when I’m in Paris.

  2. St. Paul’s Church in London is the same. The worst part was the fact that they didn’t have anything in the gift shop with the mosaic details that I loved so much. If they had allowed it I would have laid on the floor looking at them for hours.

    • @Kylie, it’s a shame because allowing photos which can be shared is a way to get other people to want to go and see them, I am befuddled by this!

  3. I was JUST telling my girlfriend about your awesome blog with all your fab graphics!

  4. So this photo – were you allowed to take it, or is it a scanned one?

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