(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #118 – Angelina

Please excuse the mess, I am doing a few design tweaks and it is a work in progress for the next couple of days!

I have been craving a really good cup of hot chocolate…if I could just pop over to Paris and stop by Angelina’s…..

How about you?  Do you ever crave a certain food from a certain place?

Voting alert!!
Remember two weeks ago on (Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #117 when I published a photo of the lovely Miss Jessica? Well the voting for the SITSpics first monthly photo challenge has begun, so head over to either post and cast your vote!

And while you are in the voting mood, today is the last day to cast your vote in the July monthly 150-word writing challenge on A Dangerous Business travel blog, my submission is one of the candidates!

The reason I did not have a (Not quite) Wordless Wednesday last week was because I was too busy announcing the iPad2 giveaway!  If you haven’t entered you have plenty of time still, but don’t wait too long….

Also if you haven’t had enough of me you can learn a little more by reading the interview I did with Shana on Prowling Books in the Lair.


  1. Fortunately, I tried this hot chocolate before I started having problems with dairy! It was delicious, and remains a good memory to this day. 🙂 Just a note for people who might have dairy issues as well, Angelina has a very nice tea that is their house blend (I think it is just called “Thé Angelina”), too. I tried it a couple of weekends ago when I met up at Angelina’s with Katia and Kyliemac of the Katia and Kyliemac podcast to ask them some questions for an interview I’ll post (hopefully) in August. Not only that, but a friend met up with me at Paris’ “Merci” on rue Beaumarchais today, and she says that she thinks they have the best chocolat chaud that she has tried in the city, too. Three cheers for chocolate! (When it gets cold this winter, I think I am going to try to make some with coconut milk. I’ve heard it works well!)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday, Andi.

  2. (A little addendum: I wrote “when it gets cold this winter…” but in fact, it is yet *another* chilly, rainy day in Paris today! Crazy non-summer we’re having… I already have the coconut milk. If only I had some dark chocolate in the house, I could set myself up with some hot coco cocoa. ;-))

    • @Karin, it is chilly here in San Francisco as well which is why I am dreaming of Angelina’s in JULY 🙂

  3. Love the picture of your coffee. New here, so I am going to have to pop around and see what all the other news and voting is about. Found you through wordless wednesday diaper blog “)

  4. Mmmmm…beautiful photo!
    I find I can’t drink hot cocoa in the summer but I do love a good iced-mocha!

  5. OMG that looks AMAZING!!!

  6. I live in Paris so I sit here craving good Mexican food and barbeque. It’s a craving that I have to save for trips back to the States. When I’m there I crave those good (there can be ordinary) baguettes crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside and fabulous if still warm.

    • @Linda, for Mexican, reading David Lebovitz and Lost in Cheeseland lately I thought there were some new spots that were actually pretty good? Check it out.

  7. I don’t drink dairy much at all anymore, but I definitely want to try the Angelina’s hot chocolate someday! We are heading off to Rome in a few weeks, so I will definitely be having some pizza while there….lactaid anyone? haha….

  8. I crave all the food on your blog especially the food that has curly food on it like the curly purple stuff!

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