Just a glimpse…

Washington Monument

This [Instagram] photo is a metaphor for my week.  I had a plan.  Oh, I always have a plan, my Type-A demands it.  But like the Washington monument I have only seen a glimpse of that plan all week!

You can do two things when things (or in this case, literally everything) doesn’t go your way.  You can fight it. Or you can embrace it.

I chose the latter.  So there is no sexy blog post for today, only a glimpse of one to come…..

Happy Thursday…at least what’s left of it!


  1. Life is all about changing plans!

  2. Well the Washington Monument has been closed since the earthquake in August 2011 anyway……

    • @Anne, I didn’t realize – wow that is a long time, sort like how long it is taking for the darn Bay Bridge to be re-done! Any idea on when it will be re-opened?

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