Key West Bites – Hot Tin Roof Pork Shank

Pork Shank at Hot Tin Roof in Key West Florida

This pork shank was part of the only good meal I had in Key West.  Christmas Eve dinner at Hot Tin Roof (at Ocean Key Resort, Zero Duval St.).  This massive (a little too massive in my opinion) cut is massaged by executive chef Brendan Mica with his own adobo rub of herbs and spices.  He then tenderizes it in a sous-vide of duck fat.  It is served with a sweet onion jus and a garbanzo spread.

It was juicy and totally divine.  My only complaint was that the accompaniment (a small amount of spinach) was drowned in pork juice and grease which made it unsavory.  I would have preferred a starch and the spinach served on the side.  But all in all, a damn fine piece of meat!

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  1. I don’t even eat pork and I want this. Your photography is getting so good, Andi. I never liked food photos more.

    • @Jen, really, wow! I love food photos! This one was it bit blurry, those darn restaurants have such low light!

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