Halloween Haiku 2009

This year’s Halloween haiku was inspired by Jen at JenX67 who spent the entire month of October taking us Gen X’ers down memory lane with her daily Halloween posts.

Photo credit: Groovymarlin

Photo credit: Groovymarlin

Each year a gypsy,
the wandering ways begun
early on in life!

Pillow case for treats
and a flashlight for the dark
were tools of the trade.

To collect the most
of candy and chocolate
the ultimate goal.

No room for apples
or pennies thrown in, only
the good stuff for me!

And then once at home
all the bartering begins.
“Trade you this for that.”

Last task of the night
the most important of all..
hide it all from Dad!


  1. What I like best about your Haiku is that I understand it. Loved the last line the best.

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