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Jen-of-JenX67One of my favorite bloggers, Jen of JenX67 was supposed to guest post today, unfortunately, she was unable to get her post to me before I left on vacation, her whole household fell ill. So I will save her very special post for my next vacation.  I decided to list a few of my favorite posts written by Jen.  She is on my must-read list every single day and the only time I miss is if I am (a) sick or (b) traveling without internet connection. She is a faithful supported of my blog as well.

Her writing is brilliant, insightful and full of grace and I love her blog. This is a surprise for me, as despite the main theme of her blog being Generation X, there is a religious presence there as well.  People who have known me for a long time will know that I am not religious at all, that in fact I cannot tolerate people who are overly “religious” and that the most important thing for me is to leave people in peace with their own religion. Jen is religious and it does not bother me in the least, not one tad. Jen is a good person with a keen sense of humanity. She constantly catches me off guard by inducing memories that were buried deep within, she does this often when she writes about Gen x topics.

Maybe for me, Jen is my religion.

Here are some of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them:

That’s 5 for you, the list could go on, but instead just go check out her whole blog.  Jen also finds amazing excerpts on the topic of Gen X and they are always thought provoking.

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  1. thanks, andi! i almost got scared when i scrolled down from the French post and saw my face!

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