Friday Food Foto – Freshly picked tomatoes

Friday Food Foto - Freshly picked tomatoes

These beauties are just picked off-the-vine tomatoes from my friend’s garden and let me tell ya, nothing tastes better than tomatoes that are still warm from the sun.  Wish we had space for a garden in our home, but alas that will have to wait until we either move or retire.  Mr. Misadventures has big plans for a garden when we settle down and I am all too happy to reap the bounty in the form of any dish my hubby will cook with fresh ingredients like this!

Now, onto More Tasty Tidbits:

From Portuguese Girl Cooks: Homemade ricotta cheese

From Tartine & Apron Strings: Clams in light shallot and Pernod broth and Fuji apple and baby kale kimchi salad

From How Sweet It Is: Caramel apple grilled cheese

From Framed Cooks: Soft scrambled eggs with ricotta and chives and Gorgonzola leek tart

From Steamy Kitchen: Chinese braised tofu with ground pork

From Bellalimento: Squash sage and walnut pasta sauce

From Food Nouveau: Chocolate avocado pudding

From the Wicked Noodle: Chicken dumplings

From Use Real Butter: Shiso spicy tuna tempura

For pumpkin season:

From How Sweet It Is: Baked pumpkin fettuccine alfredo

From Lemon & Anchovies: Pumpkin cheese scones

From Spoon Fork Bacon: Pumpkin thyme mac and cheese

From Portuguese Girl Cooks: Pumpkin doughnuts with buttermilk spiced glaze

From the Wicked Noodle: Pumpkin coconut curry chicken

For my gluten-free friends:

From Green Kitchen Stories: Apple oat biscuits

From With Style & Grace: One pot turkey spaghetti

How about you? What have you been eating lately?

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  1. Thanks Andi – everything looks scrumptious!!

  2. You are so lucky to have gotten those lovely tomatoes. Ours did not do well this year .. will try again in the spring. Lovely round-up of recipes. Some new to me, so I cannot wait to dive in, fork first.

  3. From what I was told it was because they need to be fertilized. We had a few but not the bumper crop we expected. Next year!

  4. We always grow TONS of tomatoes and make our own sauce. Thanks for the recipe links. I am definitely going to try those pumpkin doughnuts!

  5. Kristina Sullins says:

    I have been doing some baking lately. Mostly because the family is not eating the bananas quick enough. Banana Bread, walah!

  6. Michelle.A. says:

    mmmm, I love tomatoes from the garden. I’m also going to have to try some of those pumpkin recipes.

  7. There is nothing better then just picked tomatoes! That is my favorite part of summer. I look forward to them all year long. Grocery store tomatoes are not good at all to me so I have to get my fill during the summer!

  8. Yum we grow our own tomatoes as well, I love fresh tomatoes. Delish!

  9. Oh man I love fresh tomatoes… I grew some this year, and I don’t have a garden either. I just made a pot out of 5-gallon buckets, which fits about anywhere that gets enough sun. I followed some instructions from another blog I like, here: You should try it!

  10. I cannot wait until next year to plant some heirloom tomatoes.

  11. Those tomatoes are lovely. Summer seems so far away now.

  12. Oooh tomatoes. I eat them freshly picked from the plant!

  13. Natalie Ginnow says:

    I love cherry tomatoes right off the vine! You can grow them in a planter if you have a balcony or a porch. They grow in masses and taste amazing! Or how about one of those upside down hanging planters for tomatoes?

  14. I grew up next to a farm/general store where we knew the owner really well. We would go up there and pick big buckets full of fresh Tomatoes. Then I would go home and eat them one after another. Take a bit, a little salt, take a bite, more salt. Couldn’t get enough. Until I broke out in hives, got a raging fever and passed out. Only to find out I was allergic to the Citric Acid in them (and oranges etc…) I was bummed. I can now eat tomatoes again, but only in small amounts. 🙁

    • @Nadine, interesting, I have problems with citric acid and migraines, I never really had any problems, but it might be the quantity I eat. At the height of the season in the summer the most I probably eat at one time is 2 big ones – maybe that helps.

  15. Kaci Guisinger- Harrison says:

    I have to agree, tomatoes warm fresh from the plant is the best way to eat them! Nice post, I really enjoy reading your blog =D

  16. Fresh cherry tomatoes while eaten still in the garden is one of the pleasures of my life I look forward to each summer! I still have a freezer in the garage full of frozen tomatoes to make some more marinara and salsa, after the holiday, yum

  17. Arinna Black says:

    I really love tomatoes (especially the smaller ones – they’re fantastic for roasting or sauteeing, which I think are the best ways to eat tomatoes period) but I’ve never been able to grow them successfully and I always have to snag some from my mom’s garden instead. Some people have green thumbs and some of us have thumbs of death, I guess. 😀

  18. One of my favorite things!

  19. Pumpkin and Cheddar scones? From a site called Lemons and Anchovies? Hard to believe there are 3 of my favourite foods involved. Don’t get me wrong, I like pumpkin but the other 3 –> BLISS.

  20. Yen Fasano says:

    My 2nd daughter pops these in like m&m’s! She says its great for her poop……mind you, she’s 2! I guess it’s loaded with fiber and she knows it!

  21. Really enjoyed tomatoes in our garden during the summer, and now that it’s getting cold I’m trying to grow some cherry tomatoes inside. Hope it works out!

  22. rochelle johnson says:

    OM gosh, i saw this picture and my mouth started watering. i love tomatoes

  23. totally. garden fresh tomatos are the best 🙂

  24. You can grow tomatoes and lots of other veggies and herbs indoors.

    • @Jason, I wish. We have such a tiny house it is impossible, but when we retire my hubby wants to have a huge garden…I can’t wait!

  25. Susan Smith says:

    I love tomatoes from the garden, I use tomatoes in chili, spaghetti sauce and soups

    • @Susan, I love them too (although I hated them for some reason before I turned 30) and add them in anything I can…scrambled eggs too!

  26. Those look so delicious!

  27. One of my former neighbors grew tomatoes….they were delicious! I miss them! On another note…I really want to try the Caramel apple grilled cheese recipe listed here!

  28. After going a little crazy at Thanksgiving and with trash tacos from Jack in the Box (hehe) I’ve been trying to not eat as much. Got sick on Tues after I got home and havent had much appetite. Trying to eat less though and hopefully a bit healthier!

  29. I love fresh tomatoes. I tried growing them this year (first attempt in several years at a garden), but many of them never ripened. My favorite way to eat them is fresh off the vine with a little salt. 🙂

  30. Deborah Hogue says:

    Tomatoes grow here in Oregon pretty well and I agree that there is nothing to compare to the taste of warm, fresh off the vine tomatoes. They’re awesome! Beautiful Picture too!

  31. A bit late to this post but I thought I’d share:
    I spent almost ten years surrounded by the bounty of my parents garden, in particular the dozens of heirloom tomato plants. I hated tomatoes. Not in some picky little kid sort of way; I was already fourteen. And it wasn’t that I didn’t try to like them. They were so pretty and tempting in their reds, oranges, yellows, and even purple stripes. My parents would twitch with excitement waiting for the first tomato of the season to ripen and I think at least once they argued over who should get the first bite. They no doubt thought they had been given the wrong child years ago.
    Whenever people learned of my tomato aversion they would always assume I had only know the horrible, gassed version sold in grocery stores. Sometimes I didn’t correct them. Then one day in my mid twenties I ordered a sandwich and forgot to say, “no tomato”. I decided to eat it as it came and was shocked that the tomato wasn’t just a tolerable nuisance but was enjoyable. And that was all it took. I’m still not sure how it happened; there wasn’t anything particularly special about that slice. I turned not only into an instant tomato fan but a tomato Snob!
    Now when I turn down a tomato it isn’t because I don’t eat them but because I thumb my nose at anything less than a lovely, homegrown variety. Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but now that I am living in a tiny New York apartment I can only mourn the chances I lost for eating tomatoes straight from a garden!

  32. Tammy Dalley says:

    Ohhhhh tomatoes are a weakness of mine, I love fresh tomatoes, just picked cut in half add a little salt and eat them that way, and I also love tomato sandwiches, yummy! Now I’m craving a fresh tomato sandwich lol! 🙂 They are so delicious and so good for you!

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