Friday Food Foto – Blowfish Tokyo Queen

Blowfish Tokyo QueenThis is not just a piece of sushi but a work of art.  It ingredients which are : Walu, fried eggplant and cucumber topped with Shabu Shabu salmon, yuzu goshi, ikura and garlic chips add so many layers of flavor that each bite is truly an adventure!  I love the unique rolls at Blowfish in San Francisco even more so after visiting a new sushi restaurant closer to my office that was lots of fluff (expensive fluff at that) without the substance.

This morning Mr. Misadventures and I have left for a 10-day road trip visiting some of the Western parks in hopes of finding the elusive orange rock.  (Just kidding honey if you are reading this!).  It is a photography trip that my husband is really keen on doing and I am sure we are going to capture some great shots even if I would rather take photos of buildings and food.

My biggest worry is the food actually and food we are going to find on the open road.

More Tasty Tidbits:

From Honest Fare: Strawberry and serrano pepper preserves

From How Sweet Eats: Tilapia burgers with watermelon salsa

From Tiny Urban Kitchen: Pho inspired grilled skirt steak

From Framed Cooks: Linguine with bacon, goat cheese and sugar snap peas

From Use Real Butter: Roast pork belly and pea puree

From Steamy Kitchen: Miso salmon with orange and fennel

For my gluten-free freinds:

From The Gonzo Gourmet: Gluten-free herb souffles
From Gluten-Free Girl: Grain-free donughts

How about you? What have you been eating lately?


  1. Yuuuuuuummy!!!

  2. I thought I was going to see pictures of blowfish, which I’m so curious about.

  3. Oh I love Blowfish – that butter fish they do with the sauteed shitake mushrooms = amazing! My favorite roll is the dynamite.

    Sadly, we had a chance to try real blowfish blowfish in Osaka this past week and I chickened out. Lol.

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