Friday Food Foto – ArKi Donuts

ArKi Donuts

This beignet-style donuts from the ArKi food truck are divine. They re fried to order so they are hot, hot, hot with an amazing sugar sauce poured on top…that is not grease in the photo, but sugar!  I hunted down the truck to get at their fried chicken and found these as well.

ArKi, short for The Architect’s Kitchen preps their food across the street from my house.  I asked the owner, Tim Setiawan, if he would be open for an interview and he has said yes.  Look for it in a future post!

Now, onto More Tasty Tidbits:

From Pure Veg: Beet dumplings

From How Sweet It Is: Peach bacon gouda grilled sliders on pretzel bread and Summertime seafood nachos with grilled corn avocado cream

From Joy the Baker: Summer tomato cobbler with blue cheese biscuits

From Eat Boutique: Grilled figs with marscarpone cheese

From Gilt Taste: Caramelized watermelon salad

From Food Nouveau: Duck confit sliders with Asian slaw

From Canelle et Vanille: Clams in light fennel and shallot broth

How about you? What have you been eating lately?


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  1. ok I am officially drooling! ha
    Just thought I’d comment (since I was sort of blog stalkin’ ya ha) 🙂 Come on over and follow along Color Issue–I think you might enjoy it!

  2. omg.. these fried donuts look amazing! Would love to get a bite of that!

  3. Stopping by your blog via SITS…These look so good I want them to come “alive” through my computer screen! Wow…and seriously cute media buttons over on your blog sidebar! Have a great weekend!

  4. these look absolutely amazing…xv

  5. i did think that was grease. 🙂

    caramelized watermelon sounds very interesting.

    i’ve been eating lots of watermelon, cucumbers from the garden, tomatoes from the garden and hearty salads with lots of quinoa.

    i think i managed to avoid donuts while in the US, but maybe i shouldn’t have. 🙂

    • @julochka, I have seen a lot of pickled watermelon on the interwebs and have been very keen to find some to try. Tomatoes from the garden are the best thing on earth, especially warm after a sunny day. I also recently saw a fried quinoa cake that looked amazing – funnily enough I am not someone who likes much fried food!

  6. Oh wow now I want some:)

  7. Wow, hot donuts! I can practically taste their warm, sticky, doughy bite. Looking forward to your interview.

  8. That looks like it’s calling my name! They looks quite similar to Portuguese (though I’ve only eaten them in Hawaii) malasada donuts.

    • @Mark, that must be why I like them so much, my Mom’s side of the family is Portuguese and I had a great-Aunt that used to make them at family reunions!

  9. I’m not so much of a donut fanatic. But, you have to understand this is a chica living in the city with two of the greatest things: (1) food at all hours and (2) The Donut Plant ( )

    I rest my case. Next time you’re in New York City…head on down to the LES.

  10. Those looks amazingly yummy!

  11. april yedinak says:

    Giant ball of fried dough and sugar- I am so loving this. I could live on doughnuts.

  12. I’d never heard of this name for donuts! Ahh….I adore all sweets…just not a lot of them. One tasty bite can be just as sinful as eating them all at one sitting! 🙂 Enjoying your writing!

  13. Yen Fasano says:

    YUM! Have you ever had sugar coated croissants before with chocolate on top……it’s like a heart attack death sentence, but omg it is sooooo good!

  14. Everett Fricks says:

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  15. Lourdes Guerra says:

    You are by far the luckiest woman EVER!!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I can never have too many doughnuts! These look so tasty. I wish I had a doughnut truck in front of my house. I would probably never leave the truck though. 🙂

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