Friday Food Foto – A Rambling Swiss Fondue

Rambling Muse Fondue

I know some people may entertain the idea that Switzerland is all about the snow… They probably think about alpine skiing, ice-skating, cross-country skiing and sometimes snowboarding. Perhaps their mind wander over to the less obvious but locally quite popular Swiss sports like curling- basically brushing the ice energetically enough so that a stone may make across the ice. There is no doubt in my mind that the Rambling Muse‘s favorite sport is eating… specifically cheese.

The Rambling Muse, yes, that would be me- Clarisse. Swiss born but London based. That would also be the girl with an unapologetic love for cheese who tries to balance such a heavy affection with the aforementioned sports… Last weekend was a big and tragic failure in the burning of the calories area but a rather considerable success in terms of cheese inhalation.

A group of friends and I indulgently shared a bottle wine with an assortment of cheeses and other Swiss specialties. We dove into a raclette- that would be a cow cheese which is melted and then scraped on a dish with potatoes… My all time favorite however had to be the truffle and champagne fondue in which heavy duty melted cheese and kirsch are flavored with just a tad bit of the above luxurious ingredients. It’s totally decadent but also very very delicious. I tend to dip in cornichons (small pickles) and pickled onions instead of just bread but that’s really up to the individual.

A small word to the wise: only order carbonated drinks or alcohol if you don’t want the cheese to solidify in your stomach. Another more enticing word to the wise: make sure you don’t drop your bread into the pot or according to Swiss tradition you might have to kiss the person next to you which, in hindsight, may or may not be a good thing…

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  1. carla bonesteel says:

    I LOVe cheese, too…but I have, believe it or not, NEVER tried Fondue…this looks so good!

    • @Carla, these days you can find the makings at mainstream super markets – you should try it at home it is fun!

  2. Paula V says:

    I have an unapologetic love for cheese too!

  3. Dandi D says:

    Ha ha, I’ll have to remember not to drop bread in a pot of fondue. How funny!

  4. Sherry J says:

    I’ve tried fondue and I love it.

  5. Oh my goodness, having proper Swiss fondue was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I love Emmentel(er) cheese for that reason alone. Truffle and champagne fondue sounds so very exquisite!

  6. Donna George says:

    I wonder why cheese would solidify in your stomach, and what else people might drink that would be a problem

  7. Stephanie Thompson (Free) says:

    I love fondue, we have a restaurant in my area that serves it and my daughter and I get to craving it so we have to make a trip out to eat and get some to satisfy. I am going to try to make this a see if it is one that will be close to our favorite.

  8. Anita Leibert says:

    Sounds like the cheese tasting and drinking could make for a fun get together with friends. I’ve never tried fondue, but would love to!

  9. MD Kennedy says:

    Ah, fondue. Memories of when I was very little and my parents would have fondue parties which was all the rage.

  10. Chrystal D says:

    I LOVE cheeses! Never met one I didn’t want!

  11. saminder gumer says:

    this looks amazing. i have tried to make fondue in the past, but not with much success. i will try it again and see how it turns out.

    • @Saminder, some kits you can buy are better than others. It is a delicate balance to cook the cheese at the right temperature!

  12. Very cool! I learned something new about fondue and traditions. I do love cheese…odd for a wanna be vegan 🙂

  13. I do believe that being vegan should not include cheese as a principle! In terms of what to drink with fondue, they generally recommend carbonated drinks or alcohol as it makes it a tad bit easier to digest.
    So glad you guys enjoy my fondue stories!

  14. Merci de partager un article tres interessant, j’adore le fromage mais je ne dois pas en abuser. A plus!

  15. Anna Nass says:

    this looks delicious 🙂

  16. Loved this Andi! Now I’ve decided to eat cheese for lunch. Great piece Clarisse!

  17. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I could deal with eating cheese everyday. I love cheese all kinds of cheese uh cheese cheese cheese cheese give me more cheese there’s nothing better than cheesebexcept for maybe bacon. I’m too much cheese too much bacon may cuz I don’t know clogged arteries which could lead to heart disease or heart attack. ACK that’s not good. Moderation.

    • @Linda, love cheese too, there are so many in the world to try it is hard to imagine you would ever run out of trying new ones!

  18. Mmmm…. love bacon myself! Maybe next Rambling Muse story should be on pork bi-products?

  19. DELICIOUS !!

  20. Caitlan Meador says:

    Your blog is one of my favorites! I love your posts and thank you for sharing your talents with us 🙂

  21. Maria Iemma says:

    Love fondue – good tip about not having alcohol! Thanks

  22. Sam Dock says:

    It doesnt get better than cheese!

  23. Maddie K. says:

    I love Fondue! I feel like it is so decedent!

  24. Ruth Hill says:

    I love cheese but have never tried fondu.

  25. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    I didn’t know you could make swiss cheese fondu! I’m going to have to try but I also need a fondu pot. I would try to make it in a regular pot but I hate to wash baked/ hardened cheese on anything!

  26. OMG!!! Cheese is my favorite and that is why I am fat!!!!

  27. We are all fat from cheese… fat but happy! I would say the same for chocolate… Wouldn’t you?

  28. Oh man….I haven’t had fondue in ages. That looks delicious.

  29. Yammy!! As you most probably know here in Germany (where I live) it is pretty popular to have raclette, fondue or even chocolate fondue evenings during winter.
    So I can barely wait until we get together with my friends right before Xmas to have a huge raclette & fondue party. Can you imagine what a fiest it’s going to be?

  30. I have never had fondue before, but this looks absolutely delicious, I cannot wait to try fondue. Thank you for sharing this post.

  31. Mmmm that fondue looks so good! I’m so jealous of all your adventures! 🙂

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