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French-Friday- on-Misadventures-with-AndiLittle Brown Pen’s posts and products are no strangers around here.  Her wonderful blog and beautiful photos inspire many people with images of a city that we love and adore.  And the francophile community has been patiently waiting for her book to be released….and now it has!


Nicole Robertson a.k.a Little Brown Pen’s book Paris in Color is a wonderfully colorful collage of the other Paris.  The Paris of tiny details, the macro world I love. Whether it be cafe chairs or delightfully vibrant doors, the photos in this book, collected by color, will appeal to anyone whether you love Paris or not.

Paris In Color by Nichole Robertson
In fact her creations have inspired others to find color in their own towns and it is a beautiful thing to observe.  So much so that I thought it would be the perfect vehicle for a giveaway!  And I would love for you to play along.

I am giving away a copy of Little Brown Pen’s brand new book, along with your choice of any color set from Nicole’s post card gallery and an A la Carte customizable map for Paris.

For a chance to win submit a photo that illustrates color in your life. Select or take a photo. Upload it using the Linky Tool below.  When you are finished ALSO leave a comment telling me how your photo represents color.

Because there is a photo “assignment” I am giving you two weeks to submit your image. You have until midnight Friday, May 11th to complete your entry.

Good luck / bonne chance!

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  1. Oooh I love Nicole’s work and her great eye and have been meaning to grab a copy of this book for the coffee table of the next house we live in.

    I uploaded an iPhone shot from my recent time in NYC, as I think it captures the city at its finest, in spring bloom, and fuses two of my favorite things: nature and urban living.

  2. How exciting! I love her work. 🙂

  3. I hope Nicole never sees my color series. =) What a wonderful, generous giveaway. I’ll share with all my friends tomorrow. I love little Brown Pen, which I discovered through you. It inspired me to collect many like subjects together of things in OKC, and later I photographed many of them and continue to do so. My photo represents color in obvious ways. This is what the sky in Okahoma looks like on a good day. Sometimes, it’s icy gray, but usually it’s very blue. The reddish brown color is the color of the dirt here. It’s this weird color b/c of all the iron ore in it or something like that. This color represents a lot of things to me. Mostly, that this contrast of color was made possible through the Art in Public Places program, which are legislature killed off last year with a three-year moratorium. Very disappointing. I drive by this artwork at least once a week. I love it. The work of Thomas Sayre.

  4. * i do know it’s “our” and not “are,” but when I do that, i really start to get concerned about me…early onset. Lord. xoxo

  5. This is such a wonderful contest! Thank you for the opportunity!

    My photo : Girly toes – together in PA was the first of my pictures I thought of for color in my life. It represents the last day I spent together with my French boyfriend in Pennsylvania before he headed back to Paris to finish his schooling. There are so many memories for us here and this was just a small moment, this picture, where I can reflect on how it was when we were physically together. Our feet (and my girly pink toenails) stand together, locked there in this photograph forever! 🙂

    Since he has returned to France I have visited twice, with my third visit this June and I am heading into my third French class now. Glancing at any picture reminds you of that simple moment and times but also everything that has passed since.

  6. Great contest! I’m not entering because I already have a copy but great idea, Andi!

  7. Paris is one of my favorite places to photograph and I’m excited to see Nicole’s book. I’m giving a copy to my mom for Mother’s Day (she finally made it to Paris for the first time last November and LOVED it!), but would be very happy to win a copy for myself.
    The photo of the pink sunset over Paris was taken from an apartment in Montmartre that my sister and I rented for a few days. It had a little terrace and every evening we would sit out there with our books and a glass of wine, enjoying that view. I never wanted to leave.

  8. sarah disher-neddow says:

    I’m such a fan of LittleBrownPen (and Paris)! I uploaded a picture from my wedding. It was taken moments after the ceremony, and just before the clouds obscured the sunset. But I still love the blues and pinks in the sky as we toasted to a fabulous wedding.

  9. Sorry to have entered twice! I has having some trouble with the application. But I chose an image from a grey day in Paris. Despite the chill of winter and rainy clouds, I headed for a stroll through Tuileries. Once in the gardens my vision was dramatically refreshed by the vibrant colors of the blooming flowers against the sombre sandstorm and heavy clouds. It was a good day. Love LittleBrownPen’s photography – this is a great giveaway!
    All the best,

  10. Here’s a better link for the image :

  11. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.
    My submission, “Khalo and Colour” represents how I’m always trying to use my colourful environment to inspire my style, and hopefully to express the joy and energy around me.

    natashafatah at gamil dot com

  12. My entry is Spring Girl. It was a photo I took of a friend, last year, for a fashion project. It’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. I love the colors of spring and I think they are youthful and represent life. For one, they are surely bound to set people in a good mood! It’s a bit hard to try to explain why there is a connection between spring, fashion and color, because is already so well known!

  13. Thank you so much for this giveaway 🙂 Greetings from a small but witha a big heart country – Lithuania… 🙂

    The cover of the book catches my eye 🙂 It would be amazing to have it at home as I am really inloved with Paris. (My tutors from France told plenty of beautiful things about this country). I hope that one day I wil have an opportunity to fulfil my dream.

    My favorite color is red. I am really fond of glorioza. That is why this color and theese flowers were chosen for my wedding bouquet… As far as I remember, most of my relatives and friends tried to convince to choose a bouquet which color would be calm not so bright and that red is not suitable for the wedding.. 🙁

    But I had a stron oppinion about It. And I do not regret about this choise, because the bouquet looks amazing in the white dresses’ background.

    Take care and have a nice weekend 🙂

  14. Ashley says:

    My picture of roses represents all of the beautiful flowers that are in bloom right now. I love seeing all of the different blooms as they appear, and a lot of them smell amazing too.

  15. I’m such a fan of Nichole and her work! She truly has a unique eye for Paris and color!

    Thanks for sharing her work on this fabulous giveawa, Andi!!!

  16. Ah yes, I almost forgot. My photo of the intense blue of the Mediterranean sea in Monterosso, which has become home to me, represents the depth of the sea, connected to the lives it nourishes.

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