French Friday: à la française

As I was reviewing my list of prospects for this week’s Saturday Six post I realized I had a ton of posts that had to do with Paris or French things.  In fact there were six!  So I have decided to do a French Friday dedicated to posts that I really enjoyed this week all from bloggers living life à la française!

[1] When Kasia celebrates she shares the love and it is fabulous, bien sûr!  What’s she celebrating? One year in Paris and the birth of her blog Love in the City of Lights. She wrote a wonderful posts reflecting back on her year of blogging and I was honored that she even included me.  Journey on over to her blog and read her post on sharing the blog love.

[2] They say that curse words are some of the first words you learn in any language.  Probably because people sprinkle them in all their conversations.  I know curse words in many, many languages without knowing a single other word! I think the most efficient way to learn French curse words is to drive with someone French in Paris, I guarantee you will hear a whole bunch of them!  Shannon of Je Ne Sais Quoi has put together an interesting list, apparently it is only part one!

[3] I wish I had Jessica of Paris Logue‘s “Guide to Taking Taxis in Paris” for my first couple of trips.  I was traveling by myself without the benefit of knowing anyone French or even really speaking French.  I had no clue how the taxi system worked and learned the hard way.  If you plan on taking taxis in Paris this is an essential post to read.

[4] I recently discovered Le Petit France Blog and I love it! Tuula is based in the south of France in Provence but recently went to Paris. She has a great post on “lessons learned from le road, 9 things I learned.”  I have to say I agree with every single one of them!

[5] When you are expat there comes a moment after being in your adopted country for awhile when something happens to you and you respond like a native without even realizing.  It is like a little epiphany and it is glorious.  It’s the moment that you know you are becoming part of the city or the country that you are living in and you celebrate it with pride.  It is a beautiful thing.  So when I read “becoming truly Parisian?” on Parisienne Mais Presque where she described an experience like this, I totally did a little happy dance for her!

[6] This last item is not a blog post but rather a commercial that I found to be quite entertaining.  Check it out and see.

That’s it for this week, I will be back with a “real” French Friday next week!

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  1. Love this commercial!!

  2. Aw, I was feeling a bit homesick for France today (it hits at the weirdest times!) so I’m off to peruse all these blogs 🙂 merci!

  3. Thanks for including me on this week’s list, très cool! Agree, the commercial is great, love the French & so suave…

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