Closing Disclosures 2013

BWI_125sqThe FTC passed policies in 2009 that state you need to disclose to your readers any time you have received products or incentives when you do a review post.

I have a DISCLOSURES page that you can look at any time to see when I have received a product or incentive, but I keep just the current year’s items to keep the page clean.

As of March 2013, any post that requires a disclosure, has a disclosure button or statement in the post.

Specific disclosures for 2013 (prior to March):

  • I sometimes use Amazon Affiliate links to point to books I’ve read or reviewed.
  • I was provided with $150 to shop online at Staples, I gave away the product.
  • I was paid for a guest post on Liverpool.
  • I was paid for a guest post by Thomas Cooke (Jan).
  • I was paid for a guest post by Hotels4u.
  • I was paid for a guest post by First Choice.
  • I was paid for a guest post by Thomas Cooke (Feb).
  • I was paid for a guest post by Ingham’s.
  • I was paid for a guest post by eHarmony.
  • I was paid to Beta-test and promote WideAngle.

I would like to thank everyone who provided product for review this past year. I am selective about what I choose to blog about, so I appreciate the companies that I work with immensely.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014 with opportunities for everyone!

About Andi Fisher

I'm a lifestyle blogger focused on travel and food. A marketing gal who gave up my job to travel around the United States in an RV with my hubby. I'm now settling into the Portland area where I'm looking for my next career adventure! I love to travel via my stomach. Eating, seeking out local artisans and features to share. I've got more than 26 years of experience in marketing focused on content, social media, and direct marketing and I've mentored many bloggers, old and new.


  1. md Kennedy says:

    You are so good! And I love that you give away some of the tings you receive as promos.

  2. How generous of you to give away some of the products you received! You rock!

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