Closing Disclosures 2009

BWI_125sqAs you are probably aware if you are a blogger who does any sort of reviews, the FTC passed policies this past year that state you need to disclose to your readers any time you have received products or incentives when you do a review post.  More information here.

I have a DISCLOSURES page that you can look at any time to see when I have received a product or incentive.  I would like to keep that page tidy (I’m Type-A like that!) so I am putting all my 2009 disclosures in this post, and will now re-start the list for 2010.

Specific disclosures for 2009:

  • I sometimes use Amazon Affiliate links to point to books I’ve read or reviewed.
  • I received an advance copy of The Teashop Girls
  • I received a discount code to post that I was attending SOBCon09, I would have posted anyway
  • I received an advance copy of The Life Plan
  • I received a free set of Joey Totes (I also bought two sets myself)
  • I received a copy of Violet Raines Almost Got Struck By Lightning
  • I received a copy of All Men Are Cremated Equal
  • I received an advance copy of Secret Keepers
  • I received an advance copy of Coco Le Cochon
  • I received a copy of Human Body Detectives: The Lucky Escape
  • I received a copy of You Can’t Drink All Day If You Don’t Start in the Morning
  • I received an advance copy of Once in a Blue Moon
  • I was suppose to receive an advanced copy of Crazy Love, but did not actually get it. But as I love Michael Bublé so much I bought my own copy and reviewed it.
  • It was my intent to buy Human Body Detectives: Battle of the Bugs for my niece, but Dr. Manley sent me a copy.
  • I received an advance copy of The Secret of the Sacred Scarab
  • I received free product samples from Seed+ and a set of samples for a reader giveaway.
  • I received free product samples of Golden Moon Tea and a set of samples for a reader giveaway.

I would like to thank everyone who provided product to me for review this past year. I am selective about what I choose to blog about, so I appreciate the companies that I work with immensely.  Thanks to One2One Network, Buzz Cooperative and WOW Women On Writing for having exceptional programs that allow bloggers to have the opportunity to share their opinions authentically.

Here’s to a happy and successful and harmonious 2010 with opportunities for everyone!

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I'm a lifestyle blogger focused on travel and food. A marketing gal who gave up my job to travel around the United States in an RV with my hubby. I'm now settling into the Portland area where I'm looking for my next career adventure! I love to travel via my stomach. Eating, seeking out local artisans and features to share. I've got more than 26 years of experience in marketing focused on content, social media, and direct marketing and I've mentored many bloggers, old and new.

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