I found the Holy Grail of Airport Security Lines!

After being exposed to crazy bridezilla on the cell phone on my way to the airport on Sunday I was not in the best of moods, but once I arrived I was treated to the experience that is Midway Airport. The line to check in was brief and I headed to the dreaded airport security line, and alas, what to my wandering eyes should appear...yes, Christmas, it was that good...(Ava don't faint!)...but … [Read more...]


I'm here in Chicago for the SOBCon conference. With all my travels all over the country (and the world) I have never been here. My first impression? It looks amazing! I told mu husband that we definitely need to come back as (a) he is not here with me and (b) with SOBCon going on it is not likely I will see much of the town. Chicago houses the suburbs that one of my favorite authors, Jen … [Read more...]

Travel tips – use your cell phone!

I few weeks ago Jeremiah of Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang wrote a post called Tips From a Road Warrior. As a seasoned traveler most of the tips were not new to me, but there was one that I thought was absolutely genius. Jeremiah suggested that you note your parking spot in your cell phone - how smart is that???Today I read Budget Travel magazine on the plane. In it a reader suggested doing … [Read more...]

Chicago bound

On a plane today heading to Chicago for SOBCon! Hopefully I will eat better than my last trip, but one thing is for sure, once I get to Chi-town the eats are going to be fantastic! I will check back in with a post tonight and to see what Darren had in store for us for 31DBBB. Until then...peace out! … [Read more...]

The Life Plan blog-stop here today!

As you all know I am a total bookworm and today I have the honor and pleasure of being a blog stop for Sybil Baker who is on tour for her novel The Life Plan.What is a blog tour?Well a blog tour is similar to an author's book tour, but it's hosted online, instead of at, say, a bookstore. The touring author visits a number of blogs (otherwise known as "blog stops") over a set period--typically, a … [Read more...]

Operation Nice Weekly Assignment: Make a Love List about Places

This week's assignment is another love list. This time regarding the places we love. It is a list made up of places I love, places I would rather be right this instant and spots I've visited in the past that will always hold a special place in my heart. As I am a traveler, this is not an easy assignment! My list: I love Paris in the Spring, Paris in the Summer, Paris in the Fall, Paris in the … [Read more...]

Suggested change to the Virgin America safety video

On the theme of change (for NaBloPoMo) For Christmas, my husband and I flew Virgin America between San Francisco and LAX before we caught our international flight. This is not the first time I have flown VA and I love all things Richard Branson. As someone in the field of marketing I can highly appreciate the fantastic branding that they have done. They are the tip of the sword, something for … [Read more...]

And, she's back!

Back to the real world after nearly 10 days of island paradise. Lots to catch everyone up on, will start tomorrow.Still trying to adjust to real time instead of island time. Things move a LOT slower in the South Pacific. In fact here is Santa and Mrs. Claus on Christmas Day, it is 10:50 a.m....they were scheduled for 10:00.Catch up tomorrow! … [Read more...]

Pre-vacation panic

No vacation goes unpunished. --Karl Hakkarainen I am getting ready to go on vacation. This is not something to complain about. But it often seems that prepping for vacation can lead to a lot of extra stress.In my case, I am blessed to have a terrific job. I can say this having just left a very stressful job. But I seem to be super busy at this point making sure I wrap everything up neatly or put … [Read more...]

You rock Julie! She made it!

With 3 days to spare Julie McDonald made it to Washington, D.C. in time for the election!On October 4th, Julie embarked on an incredible journey sparked by her undying enthusiasm for this presidential election - her passion is contagious. She spend the past 30 days on a 250cc scooter going 100-150 miles each day from the SF Bay Area to Washington, D.C. Along the way she traveled braving crazy … [Read more...]