Traveler Tuesday – Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts

Travel blogger - Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts

I am always fond of couples who can run a travel blog together.  My hubby and I travel together but my blog is a my effort alone - although Mr. Misadventures does provide magnificent photos, I'd love to assign him a few tasks to do!  That's what Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts have! They travel together and work hard to produce an amazing blog. Let’s meet Lance and Laura! [1] When and … [Read more...]

My Perfect Roadtrip Bag


Today I am participating in a blog hop with a few of my closest blogging friends. You might be wondering, "What’s a blog hop?" It’s an event where bloggers get together to write content associated with a specific theme – in our case, “My Perfect Roadtrip Bag” – and YOU get to move from one blog to another reading our posts and entering to win our giveaway! More on that at the end of this … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Esther of Local Adventurer

Travel blogger - Esther of Local Adventurer

I met Esther of a couple of months ago in a blogger support group and from the very first visit to her blog Local Adventurer I was smitten.  It is gorgeous, inspiring, insightful and fun.  Esther is a total delight to, she oozes positivity and a real desire to find all of the best things to do in her local area. Esther and Jacob (her husband) have been exploring Las Vegas for the past year, … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life


I often say in my profiles that I am a corporate gal by day and a blogger nights and weekends.  So when I read the About Me section of blogging friend Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life was thoroughly surprised to see that this travel blogger with style is a pediatrician!  Her opening line, "blogger by day, physician by night" brought a huge smile to my face...I love Nadeen's flair! I met Nadeen … [Read more...]

Detroit and Buick: A Renaissance For All, Part 2


After an amazing first day getting to know Detroit a little better I was raring to go for day 2! We regrouped bright and early to head to a very special place for breakfast.  Our day would be book-ended at the vibrant Eastern Market, a six-block public market that has been open since 1891.  It is the largest open air market in the United States. Close to 50,000 people flow through every Saturday … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – James of Nomadic Notes


I deeply admire long term travelers. They are the adventurer, the gypsy that  I long to be.  If I started my life over I would be a digital nomad, just like travel blogger James Clark of Nomadic Notes.  James is kind of based in Vietnam and travels the world leveraging his online media business to bring in income and create opportunities for the next travel destination. He is smart, a talented … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Steph of A Nerd At Large

Trvel blogger Steph of A Nerd At Large

I was a nerd in high school, I knew it quite painfully and there was no way I was going to scream from the rooftops about my nerdiness like travel blogger Steph of A Nerd at Large!  These days with shows like Big Bang Theory and King of the Nerds there is definitely far more nerd pride and coolness around being uncool something that Steph has grasped and seriously rocked! Let’s meet … [Read more...]

Detroit: An American Revival, Part 1


It's been a week since I returned from a whirlwind weekend in Detroit. People keep stopping by my office or stopping me in the halls at works and asking, "How was Detroit?" And I keep saying, "come in" or "do you have more than a minute? I can't tell you about it until you do.  There is so much to say." The response: "About Detroit??" Yes. Detroit. They haven't seen what I saw. A … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Paula of Contented Traveller

Travel Blogger Paula of Content Traveller

I love couple who travel together not because they have to, but because they want to.  They are both passionate about "where to next?" and share similar interests that are compatible.  If you read travel blogger Paula of Contented Traveller's blog which she writes with her travel companion Gordy, you can very clearly see that these two are crazy about travel as much as they are crazy about each … [Read more...]

Seattle in Photos


Now that Jessica is on the road to recovery, Mr. Misadventures and I are feeling a certain sense of freedom! We took our ability to go away for the night together and headed to Seattle for a few days spanning New Years and my birthday.  It was a quick trip mainly focused on photography and eating, I know, what else is new? Mr. Misadventures had mapped out several spots that he was interested in … [Read more...]