Quality Over Quantity

It can be said that I have a little obsession when it comes to French culture. I need to know about it, dissect it, try to understand it. As my husband is French it started with my desire to understand our cultural differences, but my obsession quickly turned into a fascination regarding French women: the way they dress, how they act, how they eat. I have read a number of books on French culture, … [Read more...]

Obama's cabinet

When the French president, Nicholas Sarzoky, took office in May of 2007, he did something very controversial at the time when it came to creating his cabinet.He has a principal cabinet made up of 15 staff. Of those 15 ministers, 4 are from the rival part and 1 is from an independent party. Of those 15 ministers, 7 are women, including one women of North African heritage and one of African heritage … [Read more...]

The Harry's Bar Paris Vote

Since 1924, Harry's Bar in Paris has held a straw vote for the U.S. Presidential election. Harry's is a bar in the 2nd arrondisement that is frequented by Americans (and other ex-pat's) since it's opening in 1911.Any U.S. citizen with a passport over 18 can vote. The vote has only been missed one time, during World War II and has only been wrong twice: in 1976, with the election of Jimmy Carter … [Read more...]

French radio pranks

The French, and apparently now the French-Canadian, love to impersonate politicians and celebrities on the radio or telephone to try to get other prominent politicians or celebrities to do or say stupid things. It's dumb I know, but the French think it is hilarious. When I was living in France during 2003-2006, the President at the time Jacques Chirac, was fooled into believing that he was on the … [Read more...]


I read several blogs everyday, usually in the morning or at lunchtime, but there is one in particular that I am particularly fond of. It is the Paris Daily Photo blog. Every day it makes me feel homesick for a home that is not really mine. My husband and I have been back from France/Switzerland for two years now and for the past two falls (Sept/Oct) we have traveled back to Paris. This year, … [Read more...]