Southern Fried Comfort

Most people who know me know that I am a bit of a "food snob". I have been that way since college when I started making my own food choices. I grew in a fast food family where going out meant a hamburger or Mexican food. But coming to California to go to school opened up my world to the many international tastes that are a benefit to living in the Bay Area.I spent 2-3 nights a week my first two … [Read more...]

Dim Sum Yum

Once or twice a month we skip Sunday morning breakfast and head for dim sum. We are so lucky to live in the Bay Area and have ready access to a ton of wonderful dim sum places. One of our favorites is Yank Sing in the city, but we also like places in San Mateo and Oakland. Going for dim sum is such enjoyable experience particularly when the product is fresh. Each piece is a tiny gift to be … [Read more...]

Peace, Love & get the "F" out of my way!

I live in Berkeley, or "Bersekely" as it is often called, and it rightly earns its name. We are very happy to have a organic grocery store, Berkeley Bowl, which offers all we could hope for in products and a better price than Whole Paycheck. There is just one problem, well maybe, several and that is in typical Beserkeley fashion you have to deal with the hippies, the happies and the crazies. For … [Read more...]

Beautiful Edibles

There seems to be a lot of buzz about a very talented event planner based in NYC. Her name is Amy Atlas and she is creating absolutely gorgeous arrangements of desserts for events. Her work is typically mono-color, although she does work in multi-color themes as well. But the simplicity of her work is intriging. I find her work so beautiful that I thought I would share some images: You can see … [Read more...]