Friday Foodie – Stephie of Stephie Cooks

Food blogger Stephie Cooks

She doesn't like chocolate and she is not sorry! I love that about Stephie Swope of Stephie Cooks!  Chocolate or not Stephie bakes with soul, when I hopped over to her blog to make sure I had all the right links, I swear her Texas roadhouse rolls photos from the post on her home page had me stunned into a food-envy induced silence. There are a lot of really great recipes on Stephie Cooks, … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking

Food blogger interview - Gaby of Gaby's Kitchen

I adore the sensational food blog What's Gaby Cooking and am constantly stalking Gaby on Instagram! When she responded to a posting I left on Facebook seeking additional food bloggers for interviews, I was beyond thrilled!  The only other person I've seen who lives cheese as much as Gaby does is my friend Jennifer in France who writes at Chez Loulou. Gaby is an author who has gone to both … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #216 – An Italian Spritz

Spritz in Florence

It is now summer in San Francisco. Happens every October. It will be warm (hot for me) and gorgeous until Halloween and then it will rain! Warm weather like we are having now makes me long for 'spritz's' which I drank many of on my trip to Italy.  Such a wonderfully refreshing drink that people have as an apero before dinner.  It is addictingly delicious! Here is a recipe from The Kitchn - I … [Read more...]

My Gourmet Mini-Meals

Mini Gourmet Meal - Raincoast Flats

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lesley Stowe Fine Foods. In the Misadventures household my hubby does all the cooking. I know, so, so, so LUCKY! Except when he is on a business trip, like this past week and I am left to fend for myself! Don't get me wrong, I can cook, and before I met my husband I did a lot of it, but after 12 years of not doing any, I just don't bother.  … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Lisa of Snappy Gourmet

Food blogger interview - Lisa of Snappy Gourmet Lisa Huff

We've got a super start today for our Friday Foodie food blogger interview! Lisa Huff of Snappy Gourmet has won a lot of food competitions and has made an appearance in magazines, local news programs Food Network shows, and even the Rachael Ray Show - wow!  Allow Snappy Gourmet's recipes are original to Lisa with an eye on making it easy to do - her site is full of recipes that you can just whip … [Read more...]

Where to go for Coffee in San Francisco


Whether it is Four Barrel or Blue Bottle, Coffee Cultures or Coffee Bar, San Francisco’s coffee will keep you caffeinated. Purists, snobs, and almond milk latte lovers all have a place in San Francisco’s coffee scene. In celebration of National Coffee Day, I thought I would share a few spots and stories about where to go for coffee in San Franciso.  A double-shot just for you! I have been dri … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Kristi of Inspiration Kitchen

Food blogger interview - Kristi of Inspiration Kitchen

Time for another Friday Foodie with food blogger extraordinaire Kristi of Inspiration Kitchen!  Kristi is a fantastic food photographer which makes all her delicious recipes come to life! She is a cat lover (so she is Jessica approved!) and even does cat photography! Let's Meet Kristi! [1] Have you always been a foodie, or is that something you grew into? Being a foodie is definitely … [Read more...]

My Weekend Routine

Weekend Snack

We do a fair amount of traveling in the Misadventures household. I usually attend at least one local food or travel event during the week and I go to restaurants (or take out from them) for lunch everyday and the hubby and I eat out for dinner a couple of times a week. But when it comes to the weekend, unless I am off exploring, my routine is pretty consistent. Refined over many years, Mr. … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Alyssa of Everyday Maven

Alyssa - Pam Bolig Photography Everyday Maven-6547

It's Friday! Besides being a really awesome day, it's also when we get to meet a new food blogger.  Today we have Alyssa of Everyday Maven.  She is one of the amazing, truly inspiring food bloggers who you can totally relate to.  At least I do!  I have put on a lot of weight recently and I could blame a lot of things, but ultimately it is me and my choices. Alyssa has struggled with this and mas … [Read more...]

San Francisco’s Best Cheeseburgers


I've had the opportunity to write about a sampling of some of San Francisco's best burgers for Groupon. I have interviewed the founder of the latest geo-located burger app called Burgerator, an app that will help you find really great burgers in San Francisco. I have written about one of my favorites, Gott's (formerly Taylor's Refresher in Napa and in San Francisco at the Ferry Building) as … [Read more...]