Friday Foodie – Anetta of The Wanderlust Kitchen

Food Blogger Anetta of Wanderlust Kitchen

Today's food blogger, Anetta of The Wanderlust Kitchen is from one of MY favorite food towns...Portland, Oregon.  I have made several trips up there all focused around food and there are future ones on the horizon. Anetta likes to travel (you see why I like her) and returns home from adventures in Southeast Asia and South of the Border (among other places) inspired to create meals from around the … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Nazia of Your Sunny Side Up

Food blogger Nazia of Your Sunny Side Up

I love when people see the world through a lens of humor.  Sometimes these don't even realize it, they are so innately funny they just can't help themselves!  I was reading the About Me page of Nazia's Your Sunny Side Up blog and was actually giggling!  First she fooled me, I thought I was going to meet someone who is as obsessed with eggs as I am, turns out she does love eggs, but I can see right … [Read more...]

Interview with Courtney Taira of King’s Hawaiian


I think I have mentioned before that my Mom's side of the family are Portuguese immigrants with family from the Azores Islands. In the San Francisco Bay Area there was (I am not sure how large it is now) a huge Portuguese community and in particular Portuguese Catholic.  Every town had a St. Anthony's Portuguese Catholic Association and a hall. Those halls were magical places where people … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Prudy of Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs

food blogger interview Prudy of Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs

I love Prudy.  Her blog, Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs, is full of great stories and humor and passion.  She loves what she does and I dare you not to visit her blog or read this interview and dispute that! She is the type of cook (and food blogger) you want as your next door you can be her tasting buddy!  Her recipes come from the heart, her heart, and at times I curse her because I d … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Alyssa of Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

Food blogger - Alyssa of Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

Food bloggers come in all shapes and sizes quite a few of them are just really talented home cooks that love to share their recipes and learn from others. It is not always about super glossy photos and fancy ingredients. Alyssa of Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom is part of an ecosystem of stay at home Moms that on a daily basis cook for their families using what is available to them and sharing … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Stephie of Stephie Cooks

Food blogger Stephie Cooks

She doesn't like chocolate and she is not sorry! I love that about Stephie Swope of Stephie Cooks!  Chocolate or not Stephie bakes with soul, when I hopped over to her blog to make sure I had all the right links, I swear her Texas roadhouse rolls photos from the post on her home page had me stunned into a food-envy induced silence. There are a lot of really great recipes on Stephie Cooks, … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking

Food blogger interview - Gaby of Gaby's Kitchen

I adore the sensational food blog What's Gaby Cooking and am constantly stalking Gaby on Instagram! When she responded to a posting I left on Facebook seeking additional food bloggers for interviews, I was beyond thrilled!  The only other person I've seen who lives cheese as much as Gaby does is my friend Jennifer in France who writes at Chez Loulou. Gaby is an author who has gone to both … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #216 – An Italian Spritz

Spritz in Florence

It is now summer in San Francisco. Happens every October. It will be warm (hot for me) and gorgeous until Halloween and then it will rain! Warm weather like we are having now makes me long for 'spritz's' which I drank many of on my trip to Italy.  Such a wonderfully refreshing drink that people have as an apero before dinner.  It is addictingly delicious! Here is a recipe from The Kitchn - I … [Read more...]

My Gourmet Mini-Meals

Mini Gourmet Meal - Raincoast Flats

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lesley Stowe Fine Foods. In the Misadventures household my hubby does all the cooking. I know, so, so, so LUCKY! Except when he is on a business trip, like this past week and I am left to fend for myself! Don't get me wrong, I can cook, and before I met my husband I did a lot of it, but after 12 years of not doing any, I just don't bother.  … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Lisa of Snappy Gourmet

Food blogger interview - Lisa of Snappy Gourmet Lisa Huff

We've got a super start today for our Friday Foodie food blogger interview! Lisa Huff of Snappy Gourmet has won a lot of food competitions and has made an appearance in magazines, local news programs Food Network shows, and even the Rachael Ray Show - wow!  Allow Snappy Gourmet's recipes are original to Lisa with an eye on making it easy to do - her site is full of recipes that you can just whip … [Read more...]