Exploring the Oregon Coast

For years while living in the San Francisco Bay Area I wanted to take a road trip up the Oregon coast.  Mr. Misadventures and I had planned several one-to-two week trips, but when it came time to pull the trigger we were always lured back to Europe. Last year when we bought the RV I knew that I was finally going to get the trip I wanted. We spent five weeks slowly climbing the coast. We started … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #30 – Portland

After three weeks in Central Oregon and five weeks on the coast, we are back in civilization! Portland that is! It's been a busy week.  We arrived Monday to rain (always fun for setting up the RV) and took advantage of the "bad" weather to knock some errands off our list.  It's been awhile since we've been in a major city and once we leave Portland we won't be near another until sometime in … [Read more...]

Exploring Central Oregon

Mr. Misadventures and I spent three weeks in Central Oregon, staying in Dayville, Redmond and Crescent. This part of Oregon is really unique. During our time we found ourselves in the arid high desert, in lush redwood forests with gorgeous waterfalls and along volcanic lakes that were both harsh and breathtaking. The Painted Hills were quite beautiful, the geological layers, mesmerizing.  The … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #29 – Oregon Coast, Newport/Garibaldi

On Friday we moved from Newport further north to Garibaldi, just outside of Tillamook. The ten days we spent in Newport were very, very quiet. One highlight was visiting the Rogue Ales Headquarters and I will be writing a post about this amazing brewery and distillery soon. We also visited the aquarium, small but well done. Otherwise, we did a big spring cleaning both inside and … [Read more...]

$100 Redbox OR Netflix Gift Card

Mr. Misadventures and I have been using Netflix like crazy. However sometimes we can't stream and we see those little red boxes in the town we are staying and think, "we should grab a disc to watch on our player."  Both Netflix and Redbox definitely have their benefits and who wouldn't like to get $100 towards either? Prize: $100 Redbox OR Netflix Gift Card (winners choice) Co-hosts: Coupons … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #28 – Oregon Coast, Newport

After more than six months on the road nothing should surprise me anymore when it comes to RV sites. I tell you, each time we move, its truly an adventure - along with lots of misadventures - as to the quality of the place that will be our home for the week, a couple of weeks, or even a month. No matter how beautiful a site looks on a website, or how many great reviews it gets, the only way to … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #27 – Oregon Coast, Florence

Bandon was really beautiful, the rock formations on the beaches kept Mr. Misadventures entertained for hours. The town has a cool vacation vibe, the weather is absolutely perfect (for the Misadventures family) and the seafood is delectable. We've been eating rock fish and Chinook salmon almost everyday. Dungeness crab just about every other. We missed the whole dungeness season that we normally … [Read more...]

5 Things Star Trek Taught Me About Life

The third installment of JJ Abrams' Star Trek series lands in theaters this week and as a big fan, I am super excited. I think they have done a great job staying true to the original series, enough to satisfy most Star Trek fans, while also being creative. I think the cast was well chosen (so sad about the loss of Anton Yelchin who played Chekov), and despite some weaknesses in the stories, … [Read more...]


Currently | 7.18.16 Watching | Marco Polo. > I just finished the second season of this Netflix series and really enjoyed it. Mr. Misadventures was not as into it as Season 1. I think there is too much development going on for him and not enough battles, but we both agree that it is exceptionally filmed. The cinematography and acting are superb.  We are set to watch the last season of Game … [Read more...]

8 Years!

Misadventures with Andi is 8 years old! My fist post eight years ago was about my first day at work at Dolby. I wore navy blue tights with a black suit and the misadventures have never ended. Blogging has changed so much. I used to write and people read and commented and visited. The blogging world is a different world these days and there are millions of blogs out on the interweb and it is … [Read more...]