Your Life in Movie Moments

Movies of my Life

I don't generally devote a whole post to a video and definitely not one that is an ad. Disclosure, I will get paid for every click to watch a video.  But sometimes a video just speaks to you. As I said in my tweet, "Everything about this #wheretowatch video calls to the lifelong movie nut in me." I actually relived a movie in my head based on the memories invoked by the scenes in this video and … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #132

Saturday Six November15_wide

After making a ton of you hangry last week, I made sure that I had more than just food posts...sort of. I just looked at the list I have been collecting this week and a lot of it is still food related. Yikes, sorry!  Stop and go get a snack and then come right back.  Me and the other six awesome bloggers will be waiting right here for you! [1] As I stated in the tweet I published while sharing K … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Nazia of Your Sunny Side Up

Food blogger Nazia of Your Sunny Side Up

I love when people see the world through a lens of humor.  Sometimes these don't even realize it, they are so innately funny they just can't help themselves!  I was reading the About Me page of Nazia's Your Sunny Side Up blog and was actually giggling!  First she fooled me, I thought I was going to meet someone who is as obsessed with eggs as I am, turns out she does love eggs, but I can see right … [Read more...]

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The Southern Thing By Sarah Halstead Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink A Pocketful of Polka Dots Let Birds Fly Style Tab Palmtrees & Happiness Lace & Glaze Adorned in Armor Blog by Donna Amazing Super Savers … [Read more...]

Hawaii’s Joie de Vivre Hotels – Eco-conscious Efforts

Joie de Vivre Hotels’ Happy Town Hawaii Tote bag

It's always nice to stay in a great hotel. After a day of adventuring or shopping, or if you are like me, eating, you come to a place that is warm and welcoming (or cool and hip, depending on your preference) with a clean room and a made bed. Sometimes there is a little treat like a bottle of wine or freshly squeezed fruit juice and that just makes your day. You continue to come and go as you … [Read more...]

Explore Norway with Hurtigruten Cruises

Hurtigruten Cruises

Today’s post was sponsored by Hurtigruten, but my love for their amazing cruise opportunities is all my own! If you have been around Misadventures with Andi for more than a few minutes you will know that my husband is a talented photographer whose photos appear here often. (One day he will have a online portfolio. At least a girl can dream...) When you are a photographer (or connected to … [Read more...]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #219 – 85 Years of Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant Uniforms


Did you guys know that Hawaii has a Fashion Week? They didn't, but as of this year they do!  And it is going on right now. In Honolulu.  In fact, Courtney Taira who you met in my interview on Monday is there right now checking it out.  I think it would be cool to check. And when you are celebrating your 85th anniversary in the midst of that fun, you have to show off your own fashion sense.  Whi … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Sam of Indefinite Adventure


Sam is one half of the dynamic duo Indefinite Adventure (Zab is the other half).  This couple has been on the road for a very long time but recently decided to rest a bit in Berlin and maybe breathe a little! More and more of my friends are becoming vegetarian or vegan and I am fascinated about the prospect of doing that on the road - seems like there are some places that are easier to do it than … [Read more...]

Interview with Courtney Taira of King’s Hawaiian


I think I have mentioned before that my Mom's side of the family are Portuguese immigrants with family from the Azores Islands. In the San Francisco Bay Area there was (I am not sure how large it is now) a huge Portuguese community and in particular Portuguese Catholic.  Every town had a St. Anthony's Portuguese Catholic Association and a hall. Those halls were magical places where people … [Read more...]



Currently | 11.09.14 Watching | Top Chef Boston, Modern Family and Scandal Recording The Originals, Vampire Diaries and soon the new series Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, which looks very Sex and the City-ish. Reading | Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett. This one is massive, I am only 53% (thank you Kindle) complete, I only read it for about 20 minutes each way on my commute, so it will be … [Read more...]