Snow Days in Bryce Canyon

We left Phoenix with temperatures in the 80's and 90's and landed in Bryce Canyon, Utah which was a good 50-to-60 degrees cooler. We had snow for many of the ten days we were there, but it didn't prevent us from enjoying Bryce Canyon National Park and its surroundings. There is definitely something to be said for visiting in the off season. The park is truly beautiful, with gorgeous orange … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #14 – Moab

For our second week in Moab we moved RV sites. We stayed in a fancy resort, a nice treat after five weeks of more rustic sites. We've stayed in RV resorts before in Borrego Springs, Sun City West and Gold Canyon, but what is interesting is that instead of the resort being focused around golf, here it is all about other outdoor activities. 80% of the tow vehicles here are Jeeps and 50% of the … [Read more...]

J’adore #67

I may be traveling around in an RV, a lot of the time with questionable wifi, but that doesn't mean I'm not on the look out for cool products, interesting gadgets or fun gifts for people. That's what J'adore is all about. Finding stuff during my internet travels that I love that I think you might like too! So let's go! THINK Jerky I love jerky so I am always up for trying new kinds. … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Nick of Travel Echo

I met Nick virtually when he reached out for support on the launch of his new e-book, "[email protected] Pasta and Ketchup." When I took a look at the book and checked out some of Nick's adventures on his blog Travel Echo, I knew that I wanted to interview him here for Traveler Tuesday. Let’s meet Nick! When and how did you become a traveler? I used to be an IT businessman before my days as a … [Read more...]


Currently | 4.18.16 Watching | Star Wars the Force Awakens. > Downloaded that puppy on the first day! We've been in remote places where wifi was not strong, streaming impossible, so we have been relying on our movie collection we have on our external hard drive (they hold a TON). So..we've watched the Raiders of the Lost Ark series, Die Hard series, we are currently on Batman.... Reading … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #13 – Moab

Highlight of the week: we made friends! Now RV people are really friendly in general and we've had plenty of nice chats with lots of them, but you know how when you meet someone and you just click? Our new friends arrived at the RV park at the same time as us. Both of us in new Tiffin Phaetons, so I was interested to see how they liked it, plus they had a license plate from Washington state so I … [Read more...]

Blazing the Apache Trail

While we were staying in Gold Canyon in March we were only fifteen minutes from the Apache Trail. This designated scenic route is a great day trip and offers a variety of things to do. You can the entire route in one day, but it would be aggressive if you wanted to see/do everything. We did one full day and several half days. I recommend the following route, for reasons that I'll explain in a … [Read more...]

RV Eating

Awhile back my good friend Esther asked what I've been eating now that I am on the road full time. Maybe she was asking because of the new announcement about her and Jacob. They are going to be living in an Airstream (so dreamy!) for their next adventure. While Esther and Jacob are learning the ropes, I'll share what our meals look like. BREAKFAST The morning doesn't start before I have my … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Susan of Miss Violetta

Today we are going to do something different. From time to time I have interviewees who are travelers, but bloggers. Instead they are curators of all those wonderful things we collect or want to collect, creating wonderful collections for us travelers to buy (or to send links to our families to buy). Miss Violetta, the creation by Susan Wildes, is just that. A beautiful collection of curated … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #12 – Capitol Reef

Wow, Utah. There is nothing like gorgeous, massive, captivating chunks of nature to make you feel insignificant and that the world is full of artistry. There are no words to describe the beauty in the disparate colors and layers of time that you can see everywhere in Southern Utah. It is a world of its own. Empty and available for you to explore deeply. Endless miles of vastness, an … [Read more...]