Traveler Tuesday – Kristin of Take Your Big Trip


I am thrilled to introduce you to a very special travel blogger. Fellow AFAR Ambassador and San Franciscan and yet we have never met in person despite the best efforts of our mutual friend Lindsey! Kristen of Take Your Big Trip believes in just getting out there and doing it, when it comes to travel and life!  Something she speaks about publicly at events like Travel Massive and serious venues … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #130

Saturday Six November1

Let's get cozy and explore some my recent favorite content out there in the blogosphere.  Then when you have finished reading what I have to share, tell me some of your favorite discoveries of late. [1] I am a big fan of food trucks and the food truck scene here in San Francisco is awesome. Of course, Paris being close to my heart I am innately curious about the ever expanding street food … [Read more...]

November Totally Awesome – Twitter Follow Page

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Follow @deliciouslysavv Follow @notentrlyprfct Follow @BostonGeorgina Follow @KappaVelvit Follow @purplepatchdiy Follow @smartysaver Follow @styleoperator Follow @sweepsfanatics Follow @thesolomama … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Alyssa of Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

Food blogger - Alyssa of Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

Food bloggers come in all shapes and sizes quite a few of them are just really talented home cooks that love to share their recipes and learn from others. It is not always about super glossy photos and fancy ingredients. Alyssa of Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom is part of an ecosystem of stay at home Moms that on a daily basis cook for their families using what is available to them and sharing … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Dana of Time Travel Plans


  There are many tribes of travelers in the world.  Adventure travelers. Escapist travelers. Family travelers. Luxury travelers.  One of the most inspiring type of travelers - the voultraveler or voluntourist - who travel to give their time to various causes around the world.  They inspire others to travel with purpose and that is exactly what Dana of  Time Travels Plans does.  Her site provi … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #129


It's that time. Grab a cup of coffee or tea...or depending on the time of day, a glass of wine and take a moment to check these six bloggers and the good work they're putting out into the blogosphere. [1] As a travel and food blogger based in the San Francisco Bay Area I get my fair share of invitations to amazing events, I am extremely lucky.  So it is very rare that the jealousy fairy visits, … [Read more...]

Friday Foodie – Stephie of Stephie Cooks

Food blogger Stephie Cooks

She doesn't like chocolate and she is not sorry! I love that about Stephie Swope of Stephie Cooks!  Chocolate or not Stephie bakes with soul, when I hopped over to her blog to make sure I had all the right links, I swear her Texas roadhouse rolls photos from the post on her home page had me stunned into a food-envy induced silence. There are a lot of really great recipes on Stephie Cooks, … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Zoe of Tales from Over the Horizon

Travel Blogger Zoe of Tales from Over the Horizon

I lover serial travelers. It is a particular breed of adventurer that I am a huge admirer of! They use all types of skills and constantly challenge themselves, new places, new people, new adventures.  Many of them turn into travel bloggers and their blogs are a great resource for others as well as a source of income and a place to journal about their extraordinary lives.  Such is the case of Zoe f … [Read more...]

J’adore #57


It's been awhile since I have done a straight-up old school style J'adore (you have to go back to Dec 2013 for #56!) and in the spirit of the recently resurrected Saturday Six, I am returning to some classic Misadventures with Andi series posts! Also since all my series badges have my old look and feel I will have to make due with playing around with Canva (I am totally addicted) until I have new … [Read more...]

Saturday Six #128


Well alright! I managed to do TWO Saturday Sixes in a row, getting back in the old groove!  I love the blogging community, there is a place for just about everyone and they are generally a kind and supporting group that I really enjoy highlighting. You have also notice that my blog design has been updated.  I am evolving the look and feel for something a little lighter and brighter, as well as r … [Read more...]