Traveler Tuesday – Kayla Kiteley of The Princess of Tea

Traveler Tuesday – Kayla Kiteley of The Princess of Tea - Train ride

Today I am thrilled to introduce another new face around here.  Kayla Kiteley of The Princess of Tea commented on another Traveler Tuesday post and I invited her to participate in the series. Let’s both learn a little more about this born traveler! Meet Kayla! [1] When and how did you become a traveler? I […]

AFAR Experience Seattle – The Opening


I may be an AFAR Ambassador and Local Expert, but I was smitten with AFAR way before I became either.  I love the magazine and the principles in which it was created.  I am an advocate for the charity work they do with the AFAR Foundation, can’t think of a better way to open up […]

Guided Tour or Private Tour?

Ed Yourdon

I had the chance to interview Stew this past Tuesday for my Traveler Tuesday series, I hope you enjoyed getting to know him a little better.  Stew is back with a guest post on a topic that he is passionate about (and so am I!).  I have done many guided tours, particularly with Context Travel […]

(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #205 – Just Because


Stolen from my Expressions board on Pinterest (are you following me on Pinterest?!?).  In my effort to REFINE this resonated with me for today. How about you? Do you pin quotes and/or inspirational messages to Pinterest (or anywhere else)?   Please share here, or point me to your Pinterest board.

Traveler Tuesday – Stew Ross

Traveler Tuesday – Stew Ross

I love connecting with other travelers via the Traveler Tuesday series and this week it is with new contact Stew Ross who has a blog of the same name. He will also be back on Thursday with a guest post. [1] When and how did you become a traveler? Our family moved to Holland when […]

Spring Fever Cash Giveaway


As a traveler always dreaming about my next trip – and right now it is Hawaii – I can always use extra cash!  That’s why I am happy to bring you the $500 Spring Fever Cash Giveaway! I have teamed up another group of bloggers to bring you an opportunity for a littte dough in […]

Jakuchu Museum And Wine Shop at Nishiki Market

Jakuchu Museum And Wine Shop at Nishiki Market

While walking through the centuries old market area in Kyoto’s Nishiki Market when stumbled upon a time warp.  Crammed in among fish mongers, tamago chefs and vegetable hawkers is a tiny wine bar and museum colorfully claiming its presence. [In all honesty I do not know if this is the accurate name for the shop, […]

San Francisco Profiles – San Francisco’s Nob Hill with Eugene


San Francisco may only be seven miles by seven miles but there is a lot of ground to cover.  Every neighborhood has something unique to offer and it is a shame that more of the city is not explored.  That’s why I am doing this series.  And who better to get that lowdown from than […]

Island Fever. Island Peace.


Whenever I can’t sleep I think about walking through the crystal clear water along the beach with a warm gentle tropical breeze blowing through my hair.  It is a memory specific to my trip to Moorea, but I extend it to being on any island in general.  Even when I am visiting the San Juan […]

iPad Air Giveaway

iPad Air Giveaway

The perfect travel companion.  I have an iPad and would love to get an iPad Air – weight matters when you are on the road and saving ounces on your gadgets adds up! I have teamed up with several bloggers to give one away.  One of our lucky readers will be the winner at the […]



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