Osaka’s Kuromon-Ichiba Market

Osaka’s Kuromon-Ichiba Market

After five days in Kyoto we headed to Osaka on the regional train.  I didn’t know what to expect of Osaka, quite frankly I had spent most of my time researching Kyoto.  Osaka was mainly a transition point for us as that is where we flew in and out of. After two and a half-days […]

Carry On July 20


Pack your bags we’re heading out the door!  I’ve got just enough travel news and events to shove into a carry on…those overhead bins are so tight these days! If you have travel-related news to share, drop me a line at MisadventureWithAndi AT gmail DOT com, I am happy to consider it for posting. Time […]

Amuse-Bouche July 19

Commander Navy Installation Command (CNIC) Culinary Competition

A little hungry for food news and events? I’ve got a few small bites for you.  This series is intended to give you just enough to whet the appetite, little bits of this and that which have crossed my plate the past week. If you have food-related news to share, drop me a line at […]

Happy 5-Year Anniversary AFAR

AFAR 5 Year

Happy 5-Year Anniversary AFAR (+ Giveaway) I wanted to take a moment to do a special shout out to AFAR on their fifth anniversary. They are quite literally the little magazine with a big idea that was nurtured and fought for and quite definitely succeeded at, a magazine about deep travel experience (#traveldeeper). Their mission is […]

J’adore – Mary’s Secret Ingredients


I am a big fan of local, seasonal artisanal food products.  It is a way of supporting small business, the farming and food community and a wonderful way to explore new edibles!  I was really pleased when Mary’s Secret Ingredients extended an invitation to try out her summer box. What I love about Mary’s Secret […]

Six Years and More to Come


What a ride!   I can’t thank you enough for continuing to support my passion project. The adventures and misadventures I’ve experienced blogging in my little corner of the world has been an endless source of joy and neurosis. I have met so many incredible people, some of whom I would actually like to meet […]

Godiva Summer of Love (and Chocolate!)

Godiva Signature Truffles

I have been selected as a GODIVA Ambassador and this is a post written by me on behalf of GODIVA. My Chocolate Story I grew up in a household full of sweet tooths. My mother was quite fond of chocolate, so I’d guess you’d say that my appreciation for all the decadence derived from the […]

Kyoto- My Favorite Eats

Fushimi Inari Curry Udon

Before heading off to Osaka my last Kyoto post is about food.  What else?! During our week in Kyoto we ate very, very well.  The vast majority of the time was at either at Nishiki Market or Takashimaya Department Store.  Wherever we ate it was damn good and I wanted to share a few of […]

Carry On July 13


Time for another weekly post highlighting as much travel related news (and events) as can be crammed into a carry on.  The perfect size for that teeny, tiny overhead bin space. If you have travel news to share, then drop me a line at MisadventuresWithAndi At gmail DOT com. Doors are closing and here we […]

Amuse-Bouche July 12


An amuse-bouche is a little taste prior to a meal to waken up the appetite and get your mouth prepared for the goodness that is headed your way. This weekly series is focused on bringing you bite-sized pieces of food news (and events) to tempt you just enough to explore for more. Bon appetit! Le […]