Waikiki SPAMJam 2015


SPAMJam. What can I say? It was an incredible experience! I am so thankful to Outrigger Resorts for graciously inviting me to discover what can only be described as a food extravaganza of the highest order! There are doubters. I had many questions on Instagram asking: “is SPAM really a big deal? Does SPAM really taste good?” To all these questions I say: YES! Except for the island of … [Read more...]

Mexican Restaurants in San Francisco


Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow so I thought I would share a list of some of favorite spots for Mexican restaurants in San Francisco. Whether you love tacos, burritos or anything with mole sauce, San Francisco has got amazing Mexican food. And while there is a large abundance of it in the Mission District, you can find really great food any where in the city!  Even for vegetarians! You will … [Read more...]

Hawaiian in San Francisco


I am heading to Oahu tomorrow to check out SPAMJam Waikiki.  I thought this post would be an appropriate one to leave you with for the weekend.... We've got EVERYTHING in San Francisco when it comes to food. Name a type of food and I bet we've got that. That means Hawaiian too.  Of course, here in the city we are only 5 hours from the islands, but when we can't get there and are craving the … [Read more...]

San Francisco Profiles – San Francisco’s Potrero Hill with Kelly


I love Potrero Hill. For five years I worked at Dolby Laboratories located in this area.  Currently, Dolby is moving to the mid-Market area of town, but for many, many years (and when I worked there) the offices were located in Potrero Hill. When I first started working there I thought one of the drawbacks at the time was that there weren't enough restaurants in the area, but after taking the time … [Read more...]

Upcoming SPAM Misadventures


It's so funny how life is a series of little events all strung together. I don't often think of SPAM, I do like it, but it is not in Mr. Misadventures repertoire and he does all the cooking in our household! For the most part I usually eat it in the form of musubi (pictured above) from food trucks in San Francisco.  But I also love it in fried rice and with eggs (but then again, I love anything … [Read more...]

Great Grilled Cheese in San Francisco


Ah, the classic grilled cheese...I grew up with Velveeta, so my cheese sandwiches were melted Parkay butter, a slice of Velveeta melted to perfection with a squirt of ketchup.  And even though even I don't make them that often any more, I've graduated to a good cheddar, real butter, and SOSU sriracha ketchup. Sometimes I will throw in an egg in too, but then I am not sure that is technically still … [Read more...]

Indianapolis Restaurant Highlight – Spoke & Steele


I had an amazing weekend in Indianapolis with the #ExperienceBuick crew, checking out the NCAA Semi-final and Championship games was unbelievable. But you know me.  I am all about the food.  We had really great meals throughout the weekend, but I wanted to highlight one meal in particular because it was exceptional. I am not a huge fan of hotel restaurants. There are exceptions (hello … [Read more...]

All Roads Lead to Indy with #ExperienceBuick


This sponsored post is part of my ongoing project #ExperienceBuick.  Throughout 2015, I will be experiencing Buick through a series of events and initiatives that reinforce what this American car manufacturer brand is all about.  My trip to Indianapolis including all activities was paid, but as ALWAYS, all opinions are my own. According to the NCAA: All roads lead to Indy. After my … [Read more...]



Currently | 4.12.15 Watching | No Limit (a French TV series from Luc Besson) > We finished Chefs, another French TV series that was really fabulous - a look inside the life of a starred chef in Paris. Reading | NYPD Red 3 by James Patterson, third in the series - two special detectives in New York. > Finished The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, a great precursor to my new exercise … [Read more...]

Weekend Misadventures: Yosemite

Yosemite at Dusk

  Despite the fact that I have lived in Northern California off-and-on for more that 20 years, Yosemite was a park that had alluded me. Mr. Misadventures and I accidentally stumbled through Yosemite Valley two years ago when returning home from a trip to Mono Lake. I was thrilled to have finally seen the spot that four million visitors from around the globe visit every year. Then … [Read more...]