Sponsorship Support

I take my sponsorships seriously, especially when working with small destinations who don't have large budgets. I am happy to support their efforts by driving visibility to their sites.  To help that along I am offering you an incentive to visit the sites for Tupelo and Puerto Rico - they've got some real cool things going on! To enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card, just follow … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #11 – Bryce Canyon

Every week seems to be a little different, which keeps things interesting. We've had some stresses this week. Snow for four days straight, temps below freezing. A photo posted by Andi Fisher (@andi_fisher) on Mar 29, 2016 at 7:36am PDT We dealt with freezing temps before in New Mexico. At night we'd fill our water tanks, disconnect our hose from the park's water source and roll up … [Read more...]

ESTAS.net – Your ESTA Visa Expert for US Travel

As I’ve been traveling around the American Southwest the past several months visiting national parks and other iconic destinations, I have run into so many people from other countries, either here for long-term visits or work. It has been wonderful to stop and chat with people; it makes me feel connected to the world! This week alone in Bryce Canyon I’ve encountered Danish, German and … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Arnette of Round the World Girl

This week I'm super excited to introduce you to former AFAR co-hort, Arnette of Round the World Girl. This world traveler (19 countries in 19 months anyone?) and Instagram sensation never stops! Like my good friend Nyssa, she is looking for experiences. Sometimes that means budget. Sometimes that means luxury, Arnette doesn't let the price tag influence her decisions she seeks out the experiences … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #10 – Bryce Canyon

Where to start? Last weekend I was in Irvine (California) for the WITs Summit, a conference from Wanderful made up primarily of travel bloggers. I got to see my pal Katie as well as meet Christina, Cynthia and Kelly in person. My ExperienceBuick cohort, Lois came as well. It is good to be surrounded by friends who support your efforts, everyone gets each other and what we are trying to … [Read more...]

Five Things to Do in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a beautiful town surrounded by beautiful mountains. Our ten days there were a breathe of fresh air feeling very much like a Southwestern Berkeley, at least to us. Of course it could have been the altitude! Did you know that Santa Fe is located at nearly 7200 feet above sea level? That's 1500 more than Denver! I see why people say it is a great place to visit and I certainly agree … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Noni of Noni May

I met Noni of Noni May in a Facebook group for travelers, like minds coming together to support and help each other in the travel blogging space.  Noni is a digital nomad who has a lot of great free and paid content on her website, definitely check it out. But first, let’s meet Noni! When and how did you become a traveler? I've always traveled a lot in Europe, with the thought that … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #9 – Gold Canyon

I'm writing you from Irvine where the 2016 Women in Travel Summit is kicking off tonight.  I am speaking on Sunday, so send me good thoughts! It's great to be around other bloggers in person and I look forward to the opportunity to meet some of my own blogging pals, network and learn.  You are never done learning! Mr. Misadventures and I spent our last week in Arizona running errands and … [Read more...]

Traveling the World via my Stomach

Travel has always been a part of my DNA. Long before the adult gypsitis set in (yes, I made that up), and despite the fact that I was in a military family living all over the country and the world, I traveled through books. As a voracious reader, I went to the far corners of the world, soaked in the sights and sounds and learned about culture and history through the written word. At eighteen … [Read more...]


Currently | 3.14.16 Watching | Rocky 1-4 & Creed, plus House of Cards. > I couldn't watch Creed, or let Mr. Misadventures watch it without revisiting the Rocky Balboa-Apollo Creed story! I am slowly getting through House of Cards, but since I have been watching all the debates and keeping up on election news, it is too much politics! Reading | Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. > … [Read more...]