Locals I Love – Lavender Valley Farm

I love Instagram. Not only is it fun to share my misadventures from a visual perspective, but I also find great suggestions for places to eat, RV parks to stay in and things to see.  It was while I was perusing a PNW tag that I came across a photo from a lavender farm in the Mt. Hood area. I showed Mr. Misadventures the photo and told him we must visit it while we were staying in the Portland … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #34 – Glacier

We've been in West Glacier since last Friday. We survived the holiday weekend in the national park and have been enjoying daily jaunts inside the park, dancing around the weather as best we can. We went from the 90/100's in Missoula to 40/50's in Glacier and I love it! With cold weather the air is fresh and you can bundle up, so much better than sweating in the heat! Mountain weather is … [Read more...]

Exploring Palouse

  There were certainly lots of MISadventures on our way to Palouse, and a little mishap on our last day in the area, besides that we had a lot of fun in Eastern Washington. Palouse is the land of wheat and barley and lentils and garbanzo. No matter what the crop, in the summer just before harvest they are fields of gold. And if you get lucky, like we did, you get to see them … [Read more...]

Locals I Love – Bob’s Red Mill

I love Bob's Red Mill. Love them. Love them. Love them! Our local grocery store in Berkeley carried a huge amount of their products and we bought buckwheat flour to make crepes, waffle mixes and various beans to make soups.  We are big fans of the food, but I knew very little about the company. When we planned our itinerary for the summer we knew we were going to spend some extra time in … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #33 – Missoula

After the very eventful, and actually totally fun, week in Palouse, we rested for the weekend on the lake in Couer d'Alene.  We also continued to melt away.  We didn't do too much, sorry to say, and now we will need to go back to this part of Idaho to give it a proper visit.  We were just happy to have an RV park with 50 amp power so we could run the A/C on full blast! On Monday we had a nice … [Read more...]

Autumn Adventures Giveaway

I'm so excited to co-host for The Autumn Adventures Giveaway. I will undertaking my own adventures in the South for the rest of the year and I'm looking forward to all that it has to offer.  I could use a few extra dollars to pad the RV fund, I can imagine now that school has started and we are looking towards the holidays that you could as well. This AMAZING giveaway starts today and ends on … [Read more...]

San Francisco Profiles – San Francisco’s SoMA with Christine

Just because I left San Francisco to go on a sabbatical, doesn't mean I don't have this contagious city on my mind. After ten months on the road the closest thing to quenching my overwhelming desire for the culinary delights of the city by the Bay is Portland.  San Francisco just has so much to offer! One of my favorite neighborhoods by far is SoMa. I worked in the area for five years so I got … [Read more...]

Locals I Love – Rogue Ales & Spirits

You only need to spend a short amount of time in Oregon to see that beer is a huge passion here. There are breweries everywhere! I think you can spend a lifetime trying to taste them all, at least a couple of years. I tasted about a dozen in the span of 30 minutes and I'd say going with the over-time route is probably better for your liver! Not counting this year off, I've worked in … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #32 – Palouse

We left Portland (or Hotland as I've dubbed it) on Sunday and we had a very eventful trip full of misadventures. Some days are just like that, the last one being our trip from Phoenix to Dayville. We stopped for gas in Troutdale where we had stayed the previous week because it's a truck friendly area with several fuel stations. We picked Love's because it's our preferred brand and loaded up on … [Read more...]

Happy 100 Years to the National Park Service!!

I'm a little bit ashamed to admit this, but prior to this year I didn't have a real appreciation for our national park system.  Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Yosemite was always peripherally there, but my only conscious thoughts about that park was to avoid it in the summer! We did have a couple of lovely visits to this park in the winter though. Boy was I wrong. Taking this year off … [Read more...]