Traveler Tuesday – Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog

Paul at the Berlin Wall

It's been a while since I've had visitors for Traveler Tuesday, but there is about to be a whole slew of folks passing by to say hi, so stay tuned to meet a few travel bloggers from the far corners of the globe! Today I am extremely pleased to introduce you to a very well known blog, A Luxury Travel Blog.  Just as the name suggests, Dr. Paul Johnson is out and about tracking down the best … [Read more...]

J’adore – GemShare


We make thousands of decisions every day. We walk around with our network on our smartphones every day. There are millions of apps out there, dozens launched every day. What if you could tap into your network to help you make decisions via one of those apps? I think that is exactly what GemShare has in mind. What is GemShare? GemShare is an app that allows you to create your own … [Read more...]

Carry On (Travel News) for Aug 10


Let's take a quick trip, throw a few things in your backpack, camera bag or small carry on and let's hit the door!  I've got 3 oz sizes of travel-related news and events to share just for you. No need for a visa or passport stamps, we aren't going to far, just enough for a little escape from reality and to dream about places near and far. If you have news to share, drop me a line and I could … [Read more...]

Amuse-Bouche (Food News) for Aug 9

Mexico-Food-Fair- 2014

Are you hungry? Just a little? Good. Because I've got tiny snack-size pieces of food news and events for you. Amuse-bouche is a weekly news series where I share things that have come across my plate in the last week. If you have news to share, drop me a line and I could feature it here. 2014 Mexico Food Fair Held August 21-23 in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center if you love Mexican … [Read more...]

GODIVA Summer Fling

Summer flings are the perfect break from reality.

I have been selected as a GODIVA Ambassador and this is a post written by me on behalf of GODIVA. Ah…the summer fling. To me that brings back memories of movies like Grease or Dirty Dancing. If you weren’t born until the 80’s or 90’s trust me, keep reading, there is still something for you to relate to! When I kneel before the alter of Google I see that summer flings mean a lot of d … [Read more...]

Osaka Scenes

Osaka Scenes

We only spent two-and-a-half days in Osaka after Kyoto.  Most of that time was spent in Kuromon-Ichiba Market, taking photos of architecture like Namba Parks and buildings like Umeda Sky Building.  Of course, I did a lot of people watching too!  There is much more to do in Osaka, we didn't visit any temples or shrines of which there are plenty.  Nor did we visit the Osaka Castle. Those will have to … [Read more...]

People Watching in Osaka

People watching in Osaka-Mixed

Like my experiences in Tokyo, I have to say one of the best things about Osaka is people watching!  Of course I love to people watch everywhere, but most especially in Japan.  I have always admired the way the Japanese express themselves in fashion, often unapologetically. And it is not just "teenagers," I saw interesting outfits on people in every age group. Let's take a look. I know what y … [Read more...]

August Totally Awesome Amazon Giveaway

Totally Awesome August

It is hard to find anything these days that's not available on Amazon. It is a one-stop shop for nearly anything you can think of! I can tell you when I was living in Europe Amazon UK  was my best friend! I could get tons of English language films and TV-series and books. This month's giveaway that I have collaborated with my blogger friends is for a $500 Amazon gift cards for two of … [Read more...]

J’adore – DK Eyewitness Travel Guides


This is a photo from chez Misadventures of one of my walls with bookshelves. Do you see all the books that are circled here? They are all DK Eyewitness Travel Guides!  There are a few more sprinkled here and there throughout the shelves. There are many types and brands of guidebooks, but one our favorites in the Misadventures household is DK Eyewitness Travel Guides. The publishers … [Read more...]

Amuse-Bouche (Food News) for Aug 2

Le Méridien Éclair Diaries featuring Chef Johnny Iuzzini: San Francisco

I've got single, bite-sized hors d’œuvres coming your way! Amuse-bouche is my weekly food-related news series where I share a few things that have crossed my plate. Summertime means food events and I have three of them for you today! Le Méridien Éclairs + Chef Johnny Iuzzini - San Francisco Edition A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an event I attended at Le Méridien in San Francisco with … [Read more...]