Dim Sum Yum

Once or twice a month we skip Sunday morning breakfast and head for dim sum. We are so lucky to live in the Bay Area and have ready access to a ton of wonderful dim sum places. One of our favorites is Yank Sing in the city, but we also like places in San Mateo and Oakland. Going for dim sum is such enjoyable experience particularly when the product is fresh. Each piece is a tiny gift to be … [Read more...]

Anthony Bourdain has my dream job

Once or twice a week, on my BART ride home, instead of reading, I give myself the luxury of watching Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" which I have downloaded on my iPhone. I sit there for 30 minutes with a big goofy grin on my face and can only imagine what the people around me must be thinking... Somehow I missed the whole Kitchen Confidential craze and had never heard of him, certainly not … [Read more...]

Peace, Love & get the "F" out of my way!

I live in Berkeley, or "Bersekely" as it is often called, and it rightly earns its name. We are very happy to have a organic grocery store, Berkeley Bowl, which offers all we could hope for in products and a better price than Whole Paycheck. There is just one problem, well maybe, several and that is in typical Beserkeley fashion you have to deal with the hippies, the happies and the crazies. For … [Read more...]

Beautiful Edibles

There seems to be a lot of buzz about a very talented event planner based in NYC. Her name is Amy Atlas and she is creating absolutely gorgeous arrangements of desserts for events. Her work is typically mono-color, although she does work in multi-color themes as well. But the simplicity of her work is intriging. I find her work so beautiful that I thought I would share some images: You can see … [Read more...]


I read several blogs everyday, usually in the morning or at lunchtime, but there is one in particular that I am particularly fond of. It is the Paris Daily Photo blog. Every day it makes me feel homesick for a home that is not really mine. My husband and I have been back from France/Switzerland for two years now and for the past two falls (Sept/Oct) we have traveled back to Paris. This year, … [Read more...]

Sometimes Heroes Disappoint You

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE movie fan. It was my family's "thing" growing up and it is a habit that has stuck. I love movies, cannot get enough of them - and that includes movies from all over the world. Earlier this year, I had to complete a survey for a department offsite that include the question, "what are your 3 favorite movies"? This is a very hard question for me to answer, I … [Read more...]

Animal social media???

Animal social media??? So I was reading a blog this week when I stumbled upon the author's link regarding her dog. I clicked it and landed on her dog's "Dogster" page which is nothing more than Facebook for dogs! To what depths will people go to with this social media - is dog dating next? What am I saying, of course there is dog dating - it is called breeding, hey...another business idea (gee, I … [Read more...]

There should be warnings on videos

So I was perusing videos on a news siteAnd ran across a story on Prison Break Season 4,Really excitedAbout the prospect of seeing footage of Wentwoth Miller (yum), IHappily clicked the start button to watch.I wasShockedAt what I saw and quickly closed the window.Let this be a lessonIn watching TV series a year behind (which is what I do)...it isVery stupid to think that you won't getExactly what … [Read more...]

Reading like crazy…what's my stop again?

I have found myself reading voraciously since I started working at my new job. With the BART ride I get a full hour's worth of reading every day, it is like a little present that was completely unexpected. This can be a problem when I am so engrossed in a book that I missed my BART stop! The whole morning was a comedy of errors. Monday morning, my husband was on his way to drive me to work, we … [Read more...]

These shoes are made for walking….

Hello girlfriends! So I am much better coordinated this week, no wardrobe malfunctions thus far, or least ones that I am willing to share. I had to go out and buy new shoes though...now before you think - well that is a tough problem to have..try to find shoes that are ultra-comfortable which don't make you look like a school marm or nurse! Not easy! I HAD to go out and buy shoes because I am … [Read more...]