Babies have the darndest things these days!

While visiting with our friends in Seattle I saw the most amazing baby item. I don't have kids, not going to have them, but I was really impressed by this thing. Essentially it is a food dispenser that allows the baby to eat just about ANYTHING. There is a top that you open up and put food inside (for instance, a banana, mango, cucumber, meat, whatever) inside this netted container. Then the baby … [Read more...]

I want to work at Front Studio!

One of my favorite blogs is simply called "Lunch". It is a twice daily photo and description of the two architect's (at Front Studio) lunch and 4:00 p.m. snack (for the French, the quatre-heures). I want to work with them not because of any desire to be an architect, but rather I want to go to lunch with them EVERY day! They are based in New York City so of course they have tons of great places to … [Read more...]

Rendered Dumb-struck in Seattle

My Dad is a Republican. A conservative-Iowa-farmer-raised-Catholic-military-officer-definitley-don't-ask-definitely-don't-tell. There are episodes in my extended family history that elicit the "no politics" rule at any family event. I never bring it up, and I always remind my husband that it is a taboo topic in my parent's house.We went to Seattle this past weekend to visit friends and then my … [Read more...]

It is what it is

This is one of my favorite expressions, I use it all the time. When asked recently to complete a goal setting document, part of the exercise included setting spiritual priorities. This was my number one spiritual priority. I reminds me to stay zen in times of stress or trouble and do the best I can. After is what it is.So when I recently saw this expression on the side of a bus in a … [Read more...]

I finished Twilight

Finished Twilightlast night. Love it. Still don't know why.The drama for me now is I cannot move on to book 2. I have writing course reading and writing to do in the next few weeks and if I have the next book in the house, I will be drawn to it like Edward is drawn to Bella. In this case I am Edward and New Moon is my Bella.Can I resist.......... … [Read more...]

If an apple smells, you can't sell it.

Had my first class of "Exploring Your Creative Writing Potential" last night at the UC Berkeley Extension. It will be a 10-week course where I explore my skills in various writing genres as well as submit two pieces for critique. In addition, in the class we will be exploring a number or authors from two anthologies. It should be interesting - I will keep you posted, as I am sure I will not escape … [Read more...]

Twilight takes another victim

Several of my friends have been pinging me about the Twilight series....okay, some more than others, and you know who you are (CM!). It is all over Facebook flair and I hear people talking about it on BART. Even the author of Bitter is the New Black (see post from Oct 2), Jennifer Lancaster, recently talked about it on her blog on different occassion. She has written 3 crazily successful books and … [Read more...]

Go Julie Go!

I have a friend named Julie McDonald, I am calling her a friend now because we used to have a business relationship while I was at Logitech, she was my account director (she is a VP, go lady!) at Aniden who we engaged to do flash tutorials with, but now that I have left Logitech, having lunch with someone and enjoying conversation and sharing about your lives changes the relationship.Tomorrow … [Read more...]

Public Peeing

Daily Candy readers will remember a the June 2007 issue titled "What a Pisser" - what you don't? Why not? Just kidding, not everyone is obsessive like me and keeps ancient emails because they thought the topic was interesting. In any case MizPee is a great service you can use from your cell phone to determine the cleanliness of the public restroom you are considering using, or if you are stuck and … [Read more...]

Simply Bitter..or Bitterly Simple?

As usual, I am behind in the book trends. I remember seeing the review of Jen Lancaster's third book, Such a Pretty Fat in all the women's magazines this past spring. I had not heard of Jen. Two weeks ago I picked up Bitter is the New Black because it was on sale at Barnes & Noble and I remembered that her third book had good reviews. Although this book was published in 2006, it details Jen … [Read more...]