Project Discover Week #2

Is it weird that I like the sound of airplanes taking off and landing? Or seeing them do the same? We live near the airport and I love hearing and seeing the planes leave for some far off destination or bringing folks to wet, wet Portland.  Although it probably isn't great for two travel addicted people. We are already talking about where we want to go to next "...when we have jobs..." Week 2 … [Read more...]


Currently | 2.15.17 Watching | Top Chef Season 14 > I am a total Top Chef fan girl.  I've watched every season of Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Top Chef Dessert and even Life After Top Chef! I have been hoarding episodes of the show and have finally started devouring it.  I binge watched the first seven episodes (and Last Chance Kitchen) this past week.  I can't help but root for Casey … [Read more...]

My Valentine’s Meal – Fettuccine with Red Lamb Sauce

DISCLOSURE: This post is brought to you by Safeway.  However, all opinions and the meal I created are of my own choosing! Baby, it's cold outside! My nerves are still shot from our epic snow-laden trip in the RV. And since we’ve arrived in Portland, it’s been nothing but rain and freezing temperatures. That means one thing to me. Pasta. We don’t eat too much pasta, we’re more … [Read more...]

Project Discover Week #1

Now that we are stationary and no longer wandering in the RV, the new endeavor, Project Discover commences! For our first full week in Portland the big focus was our job search. Monday morning I spiffed up my resume (does anyone else hate doing that?) and created job searches on the usual sites. I'm looking for full time work in the greater Portland and Seattle areas, so fingers crossed I'll … [Read more...]

Monthly Blog Goals: February 2017

I figure the only way I'm going to stay accountable to my Project Discover plans is to put some of my blogging goals out there. I've been blogging eight-and-one-half years and I tell you, it doesn't get to be any easier.  I don't want to be a slave to the space, a lesson I learned when blogging became work in the early part of my sabbatical. I thought, "a year off on travel adventures, my blog … [Read more...]

Zion National Park in the Winter

Our last little adventure before settling into Portland was visiting Zion National Park for two weeks. I feel so blessed to have been able to spend a significant amount of time in so many National Parks this year, and Zion was no different.  Mr. Misadventures and I had visited Zion during out Southwest roadtrip in 2012, but it was only for about 36 hours, which wasn't nearly enough time to explore … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #55 – On the Road/Portland

It's been a tough week. If I had to label the mood, it'd be dispirited. Our frozen misadventures continued (having started last week) and I'm not talking the Disney movie kind. We only stayed in West Wendover two nights instead of three. The Bonneville Salt Flats in the winter are a bust. Or at least, this winter. The second night in our RV park, ours because we were the only ones there, the … [Read more...]

My Blogging Tools – How I Get It Done

Over the eight and a half years that Misadventures with Andi has been around, I've had a lot of people ask me about what blogging tools I use to make the magic happen. To be honest, there are two parts to the answer. First, trial and error. Eight years is a long time and the tools that are available today - to do just about everything - weren't always there. I've used a lot of tools, both … [Read more...]

America’s Treasure – National Parks

[Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Application ESTA, but all opinions and experiences are my own.] One of the greatest gifts my year-long sabbatical has provided is a new found love for our national parks system. I had the opportunity to visit 21 National Parks, Monuments, Wildlife Refuges or Recreation Areas. And while that seems like a lot, Mr. Misadventures and I have only scratched … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #54 – Zion/On the Road

We have begun our final ascent north to Portland. (Say it isn't so!) The weather from now until February 1st looks good along our route so we are hoping for the best and taking advantage of the window we've been provided. But first, our week. Last Friday we escaped the inclement weather in the Zion area and headed to Page, Arizona to visit Antelope Canyon on the Navajo Nation reservation. We … [Read more...]