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Misadventures with Andi on Kindle Fire HD

I left today for a cruise in the Eastern Caribbean.  The weeks leading up to my Thanksgiving vacation have been insane, so I didn’t prepare posts ahead of time and I decided not to have guest-posters.

Instead I am rewarding you for sticking around while I take eight days off completely unplugged.

And the prize is big.  That’s right.  I am giving away a Kindle Fire HD.

This isn’t a group blog event with 20 other bloggers.  This is me, myself and I giving one hard-working reader a chance to win, simply by doing what you do best…reading this blog and commenting.

It’s kind of what you do anyway, I am just rewarding you for it!

So here’s the deal.  I am gone eight days.  From today, November 17th through next Sunday, November 25th.  There will be no new posts between now and then.  But I do have four years of posts available to you to peruse and ponder, and that’s exactly what the giveaway is all about.

To enter, you must visit, read and comment on five posts.  You can either do it them all at once or spread them out over the next two weeks (I’m giving you extra time).  The Rafflecopter will keep you honest and keep me sane.

A couple of things:

[1] They should be real comments.  Things like “great job” or “I like this post” aren’t going to count.
[2] If you are a faithful reader that comments on nearly every post, come back anyway and find something new to say, we are talking about a Kindle Fire HD!

I am also going to give you some extra time. You have until midnight EST, Friday November 30th to  complete your 5 entries.

Good luck!

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  1. Hope your cruise is relaxing… would appear that you need a little down time. I’m having fun going back through posts and commenting.

  2. Oh, what a fantastic giveaway! I still have my original Kindle, which is on its last leg, so I’m definitely in the market for an upgrade.

  3. P.S. Have an AWESOME trip–hope you manage to stay unplugged!

  4. Have a great trip, Andi! And what a neat giveaway! You sure know how to keep readers interested 🙂

  5. This would be such an awesome gift for my daughter! Thanks so much for offering it. Also have a wonderful time on your cruise, I’m so jealous!


  7. So, I am from northern CA iriginally, which is utterly beautiful. But I gotta tell ya, rednecks here in the South got nothin on Ballsy Wonderwoman! My icon is slightly desecrated.

  8. ORIGINALLY. Teething baby is no help when typing. 🙁

  9. Love this give away!! I want this for my kids!

  10. soha molina says:

    left comment on (Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #173: Old Town Sacramento

  11. Terrific giveaway Andi! And I really like your approach on how you decided to do this “solo” without any sponsorship too. And have a RELAXING cruise. I’m sure you’ll come back with tons of tales to tell!

  12. Helene Tienda says:

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation. Hope you have a great time and an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  13. Dorothy Sandman says:

    Best wishes for a relaxing get away!

  14. Wow great giveaway! Glad you’re taking time to unplug – enjoy!!

  15. I so admire your ability to unplug for extended periods of time. I have not unplugged for eight days since I plugged in around 1991. ugh. Traveling mercies, Andi. I think I’ll find some entries from 2008 or 2009!

    • @Jen, I spit up coffee when I read that, I don’t think you meant it as a joke, but you have a way of being so unassumingly witty! I am going to catch up on everything you wrote while I was gone over the weekend, watch out here I come!

  16. A cruise in the Caribbean sounds delightful. I hope you are enjoying your trip. This is a very generous giveaway, thank you for the opportunity. Safe travels!

  17. WOW! You are the master of amazing giveaways, truly!!! I hope you have the most extraordinary trip. Miss you. 🙂

  18. Julie Thompson says:

    Awesome giveaway it would come in handy when I move to Africa to marry my fiance then I could still talk to my my kids who are in college. Happy Holidays.

  19. Awesome giveaway. I have been wanting a Kindle Fire for awhile.I love reading all your posts. Thank you for this giveaway

  20. Jennifer Boehme says:
  21. Jennifer Boehme says:
  22. Jennifer Boehme says:
  23. Jennifer Boehme says:
  24. Jennifer Boehme says:
  25. april yedinak says:

    Thanks for the most awesome giveaway!!

  26. Christine Waddell says:

    Love this giveaway!

  27. This is so sweet Andi. Have a great time on your cruise – I seriously cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back. I’d love to hear you opinions of cruises in general, I’ve never been on one, but I’ve heard both amazing things and not so amazing things – but as a traveling expert your advice would well worth listening to!

  28. Christi-TX says:

    I would “unplug” in a New York Minute if I had the chance to go on a Caribbean cruise. Remind the Captain that the only rocks you want to see are the ones in a glass.

  29. Christi-TX says:

    I commented on:
    Crushing it in Sonoma
    Travel Tip Thursday – Checking out your room amenities before you need them
    (Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #172: Ballsy Wonder Woman
    Saturday Six #118 on Sunday
    Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 1: Las Vegas to Zion

  30. Wow, Andi, this is pretty cool. But it totally fits with your generous spirit (and I write that truly sincerely – no comment a**-kissing here!). Ever since the first time you commented on a blog of mine and then invited me into your readership through shout-outs and features, I have felt embraced by you as a blogger and a reader. So, no, this does not surprise me. 🙂

    I also cannot wait to SHARE this with others!

    And hey — I have had the Anne Ditmeyer post open in a tab for the past day or so (since you posted it and I saw on FB) in order to eventually comment on it anyway, so I will check that one off, too (I’m assuming this post counts? Well heck, I will make it six, just in case…).

    Have an EXCELLENT vacation, Andi!

  31. Your vacation sounds luxuriously amazing!
    Eght glorious relaxing days in the Eastern Caribbean – WOW.
    I can feel the tropical sun and taste the colorful cocktails.
    Cheers to a beautiful getaway ^_^
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  32. A wonderful giveaway and a great way to reward your readers too. I hope that you are having a fantastic cruise, and a total relax 🙂 Never been on a cruise , so might try it one day.

  33. Kristina Sullins says:

    I put my comments on the 5 posts I read. I hope this is correct?

  34. I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise

  35. Take a long nap!

  36. Nicholas Walls says:

    I would absolutely love to win this Amazon Kindle Fire!!! Great Giveaway for Christmas!!

  37. left comments.

  38. Love the giveaway idea !

  39. ive been searching around your blog and i think its great!

  40. Hi Andi–I found your blog a few weeks ago and started reading back at the beginning. I think I’m to the fall of 2010-ha! This seemed like the perfect time (!) to join you in the present and to start commenting on your posts that I enjoy so much!

    • @Patty, oh wow, that is so cool! I hope you have liked the progression the blog has made. There are a ton of blogs I read all the time and never comment either, glad I could provide a little push!

  41. Would you believe my Kindle just bit the dust? I’ve really missed it. Have fun on your trip which sounds great.

  42. Debbie Petch says:

    I need a vacation so bad! Never seem to have time for one. Have a great one!

  43. Laura Lane says:
  44. April Brenay says:

    This would be great for my husband getting ready to deploy!

  45. I would love to win this giveaway so that my daughter and I could take a vacation.

  46. Aldrin jay Fuentes says:

    I so admire your ability to unplug for extended periods of time. ive having fun to enter this contest.I hope you have the most extraordinary trip. .

  47. John Rodolf Ang says:

    Thanks for the most awesome giveaway!!Hope I Win.XD

  48. Coley Nowak says:

    These giveaways are great im spending to much time on here haha but for a great chance

  49. Wow, what a fab giveaway. I’m new to the blog world and am planning (and saving) for a big trip in the spring… so count me in! Have a great break x

  50. I have always dreamed of going on a cruise to the islands. My dream vacation location is actually Hawaii or Tahiti. I feel like I was born in the wrong I live in Florida, which is nice, but not quite an island, yet… >.> Enjoy your vacay while I live vicariously through you. 🙂

    • @E, Florida is a great place to be for cruises since you don’t have to pay airfare! I have been on a Tahitian cruise and I have to say it was my favorite! Hope you get a chance to do it!

  51. Just found your blog – linked through Meg Zimbeck – what a great idea for a placeholder while you are getting some deserved R & R. Looking forward to perusing the archives between now and then (would have done it anyways, so now there’s even *more* motivation)!

  52. vivian mewes says:

    How come you’re not going to Paris this time? I thought that was your favorite. It’s definitely mine.

  53. I hope you enjoy your cruise! We are going on one for our honeymoon in June. It will be my first! I’m a littler nervous. Anyways, stopping by from SITS. Have a great vacation!

  54. Great giveaway. I don’t have a kindle and it would sure make downloading English books much easier! 5 posts huh?

  55. I commented on the Misadventures in Travel Planning post

  56. Steve Stone says:

    we havent had a vacation in forever

  57. Im a student at EWU is washington.

    Hope i win!

  58. Dorothy Boucher says:

    Have a wonderful trip 😉

    i commented on = wind barrels, Beyond Paris with Vicki Archer, Kristin Luna of Camels & chocolate, Saturday Six #118 on Sunday, Jadore-Eat Boutique, and Happy trails 😉

  59. Trish Hope says:


  60. Awesome giveaway!! commented on (Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #172: Ballsy Wonder Woman

  61. commented on Blog Action Day 2012 – The Power of We

  62. commented on Social Media Sunday – My Blog Giveaway Tips

  63. commented on Social Media Sunday – Alexa Rankings

  64. commented on “I WAS so in style just a little too early”

  65. You always have such great swag! How do you do it? Enjoy your vacation.

    PS Is there turkey in the eastern Caribbean?

    • @Anne, why thanks! I save money from some paid guest posts I have (ahem, like the one you kindly commented on about the theatres..hee-hee) and put that money back into the blog buying cool swag!

    • @Anne, forgot to answer about the turkey! There were certainly imported ones!


    super awesome

  67. Great idea for a contest, especially since blog posts sometimes are “lost”. Even regular readers don’t always catch one that you think is best…
    I’ll have to see if one of your posts talks about which islands you are visiting in the Caribbean. I’ll toast you with a Mai tai from Kauai on Sunday!

  68. You are so generous and cruising is just the way to reward yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!

  69. I totally appreciate that this isn’t a large group giveaway with a MILLION entries! Thanks for doing this one on your own! I hope you enjoy your trip and have an awesome thanksgiving!

  70. Diana Camden says:

    This is the perfect time to go to the Caribbean, my husband and I went there for our honeymoon a year ago this past October 2011. We went to Turks and Caicos. Have a wonderful time. Oh, and you are awesome for holding this contest.

    Diana C

  71. your blog is my new favorite.

  72. A cruise in the East Caribbean sounds like a very relaxing way to spend Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy your vacation, and thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  73. I hope you are enjoying the Carribean! I know I would rather be anywhere than Oregon and the rain we are experiencing. Looking forward to hearing about the cruise.

  74. Andi —
    Your site is one of the pages that opens on my home computer when I log on — I thoroughly enjoy your postings, especially anything French-focussed (I found your blog through a link on a different French-related blog, though I cannot remember which one). I do not generally comment on blogs, but your competition will get my creative response juices flowing. Thanks for keeping a window open to the world (especially welcome as I am generally trapped in hot and dry New Mexico).

    • @DHM, thanks so much for your readership. I too have several blogs that I read all the time, but rarely comment on. Thanks for peeking your head out and coming to comment!

  75. The Eastern Carribean! Cool! We went to Puerto Rico, Saint Thomas and San Martan years ago! Hope it’s wonderful and relaxing! New subscriber via email and Google Reader. Thanks for this very generous giveaway! The Kindle Fire HD is really a tool for techies! So many ways to enjoy it! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  76. Terri Betz says:
  77. Monique Rizzo says:

    I want one of these so bad.
    Thanks for the chance.

  78. I would love to win one of these.

  79. michelle riebeek says:

    How exciting a cruise! Someday I’ll have my turn!

  80. Terri Betz says:
  81. Becky Caldbeck Parker says:

    I would love to win this!

  82. betty dennis says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! and thanks for the opportunity

  83. I commented here on November 21. =) I hope you’re having a great time, Andi! Traveling mercies. Come back soon. I miss you already.

  84. Cindi Decker says:

    Hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise. It sounds like you could use some relaxation. I would love to have a Kindle Fire – I have a regular Kindle that is several years old, so I could use a new one.

  85. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  86. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  87. Okay – this one should count as a “real” post. Where in the East Caribbean are you going? I have been to a Western Carribean cruise which included Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. My favorite was Jamaica. What was the best stop on your cruise?

    • @Karen, we visited St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Turks & Cacois – I have been to Western and Southern as well. I loved Turks, but liked the Bahamas as well. St. Croix was one of my favorites for beaches too!

  88. Thanks for the great giveaway! Hope you have a blast on your vacation & a great Thanksgiving!

  89. betty dennis says:
  90. michelle jonassen says:

    Thanks for the chance to win an amazing giveaway. I have been wanting one of these.

  91. my mom’s been wanting one of these so bad, it’d be great to be able to give her one for christmas 😉

  92. twitted this today, 21/11

  93. Natalie Ginnow says:

    This is a dream come true. My son has been asking for the Kindle Fire HD. It’s the only thing he wants for Christmas. Thank you for this opportunity! I am jealous of your cruise, I have never been on one. I hope you have a fabulous time!

  94. Natalie Ginnow says:
  95. Natalie Ginnow says:
  96. beth shepherd says:

    Have a wonderful getaway! this would be wonderful to win for my daughter

  97. Natalie Ginnow says:
  98. Natalie Ginnow says:
  99. have fun on your trip ! cruises are my favorite type of vacations <333

  100. Did you take your Kindle fire with you?

  101. twitted this today, 24/11

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  103. I commented on Traveler Tuesday – Andi Perullo

  104. I commented on Friday Food Foto – Jardinière lunch with Marcus Samuelsson.

  105. I commented on (Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #168: Not in Rome

  106. G Andolina says:

    I want to be the one on a cruise in the caribbean giving away the kindles…………..where do I apply?

  107. I commented on Tasty Tuesday – El Dorado Kitchen Banana Crisp.

  108. Wow, you have taken giveaways to a whole new level! That is an amazing prize.
    As I am about to take a few days off post-wisdom teeth removal, I definitely have some time to read through your blog. It will be a pleasure anyway!
    Enjoy your trip away!

    • @Milsters, so glad you chose me for your recovery 😉 I definitely enjoyed your comments and I have grabbed your blog to visit, hope to see you back here!

  109. Have a relaxing trip and that would be so nice before all the hustle and bustle of the holidays

  110. Thank you for such a generous giveaway-my fingers are crossed, I’ve never owned or used a tablet before. I left my post titles I commented on in the rafflecopter form, I hope that is OK.

  111. Enjoy your cruise. We were on one in Hawaii last year & loved it. I’m so jealous – wish I were on board with you!

  112. thank you for taking the time to offer us a chance to win a really awesome product 🙂

  113. I hope you enjoyed your cruise! I hope you’ll post some photos when you get all settled back in!

  114. Thanks for the chance …You Have an awesome blog

  115. steve weber says:

    enjoy your vacation! hopefully you are somewhere warmer than where I am.. this Kindle would definitely be a nice addition.

  116. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  117. twitted this today, 27/11

  118. Hope you’re having a relaxing vacation and your Thanksgiving was wonderful!: )

  119. I need a vacation college is stressful! Lol happy traveling 🙂

  120. How was your cruise? I haven’t been on one since I was a young child so I envy you. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  121. i would love to visit napa and maybe go on a winery tour

  122. jackie greene says:

    I would love to win a Kindle Fire HD, enjoy your cruise.

  123. Valerie Theberge says:

    Wow great giveaway!

  124. Would be a nice giftt.

  125. twitted this today, 28/11

  126. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It is really appreciated!

  127. CHRISTOPHER says:

    Thanks. hope i win

  128. Brittany P says:

    Commented and continuing to do so. Fallen more and more in love with this site and your wonderful photos and descriptions. Would love to be able to win the Kindle Fire HD. I still read my digital books on my laptop and it would be wonderful to begin to travel and read more easily. I am currently reading Jennifer L. Scott’s “Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris”. Thank you for the post on this, really enjoying it 🙂

  129. laurie nemeth says:

    wish to win

  130. Have a great time

  131. Hope you’re having a great time!

  132. What a great giveaway!

  133. The french resorts for new skiers look amazing but I don’t know if I would want to go there and ski. Maybe watch other people ski and fall would be more up my alley since that’s what would happen to me if I skied.

  134. I agree with you on the tomatoes fresh from a garden and still warm, those are great. Tomatoes from the grocery store just don’t cut it when compared to that.

  135. Dorothy Campbell says:

    Have a great trip!!!!!

  136. Your 5 travel experiences is something I never thought of doing. I’ve always heard about people going to different countries and teaching English but it would be cool to do something like that and to help others. Looking after animals would be great also!

  137. i want this , have a good day!!!!!!!!!

  138. have a good and safe trip!:)

  139. Barbara Stenby says:

    I commented on not quite wordless wednesday #167 mirror image as barbara stenby

  140. Barbara Stenby says:

    commented on J’adore – Lessons from Madame Chic enjoyed it! Thanks

  141. Barbara Stenby says:

    commented on Road trip report – Los Angeles for 54th The GRAMMY Rehearsals

  142. Barbara Stenby says:

    commented on Veggie restaurants in Berlin

  143. Barbara Stenby says:

    I commented on Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 6: Photography Tour through Grand Staircase-Escalante

  144. Kindle is amazing! I would loooove one in color!

  145. I commented on: 5 travel experiences you should try at least once. Fiji is my fav 😉

  146. I commented on: (Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #175: Westin Ft. Lauderdale Pool Chairs. I love the teal~

  147. I commented on: Tasty Tuesday – El Dorado Kitchen Banana Crisp – and I would love the recipe if you have it!

  148. I commented on: French Friday – A Passion for Paris with Anne Ditmeyer and I now want to go to Paris more than ever.

  149. I commented on: (Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #174: Wine Barrels
    – please pass the wine 🙂

  150. Bellina Jacobs says:

    Wow, wish I could enjoy such an adventure, with my son of course! What wonderful memories! Thanks for the chance!!

  151. Thanks for the chance!

  152. Beverly Metcalf says:

    I would love a kindle. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  153. Cassandra McCann says:

    I am so glad in this tough economy that people can still travel

  154. Cassandra McCann says:

    i bet it would be nice to travel anywhere. The closest I get to travel is the 12 miles it takes me to find a real store out in this town.

  155. Cassandra McCann says:

    I drive an old 1994 ford escort with a badly damaged right side. One seat belt works and no A/C. I am a single mom and on ssi. and I love nothing more then to read about someone with such a good turn out in life.

  156. Cassandra McCann says:

    I suppose if a could travel anywhere it would be back home and to see me family since most will die sooner then later

  157. Cassandra McCann says:

    it is always good to read about travel tips when you know you are going to be stuck in your tiny house with the kids and no money or help and barely time to pee alone. Well who knows maybe most people need them.

    Thank you for the wonderful info and fun blog posts and exciting adventures . very cool. Happy holidays to you and your family and the families of those who read this

  158. Hope you are getting some much deserved R&R. Especially at the hectic holiday time, it’s sooooo very needed. Have a wonderful time on the cruise. 😉

  159. latisha depoortere says:

    I commented under 5 travel experiences you should try at least once!
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  160. @Andi We are headed to Alaska on our Cruise!!! Exciting but terrifying as it will be the first cruise for the both of us.

    • @Lauren, that was my hubby’s first cruise and my second and I loved it! I have been twice and want to go again.

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