Closing Disclosures 2013

BWI_125sqThe FTC passed policies in 2009 that state you need to disclose to your readers any time you have received products or incentives when you do a review post.

I have a DISCLOSURES page that you can look at any time to see when I have received a product or incentive, but I keep just the current year’s items to keep the page clean.

As of March 2013, any post that requires a disclosure, has a disclosure button or statement in the post.

Specific disclosures for 2013 (prior to March):

  • I sometimes use Amazon Affiliate links to point to books I’ve read or reviewed.
  • I was provided with $150 to shop online at Staples, I gave away the product.
  • I was paid for a guest post on Liverpool.
  • I was paid for a guest post by Thomas Cooke (Jan).
  • I was paid for a guest post by Hotels4u.
  • I was paid for a guest post by First Choice.
  • I was paid for a guest post by Thomas Cooke (Feb).
  • I was paid for a guest post by Ingham’s.
  • I was paid for a guest post by eHarmony.
  • I was paid to Beta-test and promote WideAngle.

I would like to thank everyone who provided product for review this past year. I am selective about what I choose to blog about, so I appreciate the companies that I work with immensely.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2014 with opportunities for everyone!

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  1. md Kennedy says:

    You are so good! And I love that you give away some of the tings you receive as promos.

  2. How generous of you to give away some of the products you received! You rock!

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