(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #188: Mr. Misadventures becomes American!

Paramount Theatre Oakland

Last Tuesday I had the privilege of seeing 1,221 people from 103 countries become U.S. citizens.  And ones of those new citizens was Mr. Misadventures!

The naturalization ceremony was held in the beautiful Paramount Theatre in downtown Oakland.  It’s a gorgeous art deco theatre built in 1931 that hosts films, stage presentations and comedy shows as well as concerts.  I’ve personally saw Bonnie Raitt there in 1995 and it was a great show.  However that show didn’t allow me to see the gorgeous interior in “the light of day” so I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see more of it.

The families and guests of the “inductees” were seated in the upper section which afforded a great view of the entire theatre, but provided a miniscule view of the stage, and without a telephoto lens, I am afraid everyone was very small.

And once the ceremony got going, and people started cheering I couldn’t see much!

Paramount Theatre Oakland

It was a very nice ceremony, quite moving at times, with guest speakers, videos and of course oaths!

Mr. Misadventures was a happy camper! And the first thing he did when he walked out of the theatre was register to vote – bravo!

Now it is my turn to work on my French citizenship!

How about you? Have you attended – or participated in – a naturalization ceremony?

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  1. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. This is the most reassuring immigration tale I’ve read in awhile. I read a lot these days, because in my own relationship at least one of us is going to have to go through the process eventually. There are so many nightmares about immigration online, so it’s good to see that a happy and genuine couple like the MisAdventures completed the process! I bet you guys are both thrilled! All the best.

  2. Andi Fisher says:

    @Bobbi Lee, thanks! We’ll see how easy it is with the French, my turn to try!

  3. Congratulations to Mr. Misadventures!!
    I’m born and bred Canadian but have thought about one day having a vacation home in the States to hide from winter so maybe a dual citizenship is in order.


  4. Charlene says:

    First I liked to say congratulations to Mr MisAdventure. I don’t know you but I welcome you to the US. I’ve heard it is not easy to get your citizenship. Lots of studying, all those facts you need to know. Now you are smarter about the US then most citizens. Good luck getting your French citizenship.

  5. Congratulations J….. Mr. Misadventure. Having met you once glad you are now one of us. Joanne

  6. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting! How did you celebrate afterwards?

  7. I had no idea he didn’t have his U.S. citizenship, nor did I realize they have such a great ceremony for inductees!

  8. Congrats to your hubby, are you going to have dual citizenship in France? that would be very cool. Good luck. I enjoyed the pictures, too. Beautiful theater. I love Art Deco.

  9. Andi Fisher says:

    @Jen, yep going to work on getting my French citizenship next!

  10. I helped a friend of mine become an American citizen years ago, and he was so proud when he passed the test and all was said and done. I love hearing wonderful citizenship stories, thanks for sharing!

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