(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #179: “Secret” CIA Collection

CIA Corkscrew Collection

One aspect of every guided vacation with Trafalgar is that it includes at least one “hidden treasure.”  When we left Castello di Amorosa our Travel Director, J.P. Smith, the main man responsible for making our #Trafalgar2012 experience the incredible trip it was, told us we were going to make a quick stop to check out one of these hidden treasures.

When we pulled up to the CIA, the Culinary Institute of America, I was delighted.  Anything having to do with food, particularly stopping at one of the premiere cooking schools in the U.S. was fine by me!

But then J.P. explained why we were at this location and the shared what the CIA has that often went unnoticed…it turns out that the CIA has one of the largest corkscrew collections in the world!

There are walls and walls of them!

And that definitely was a surprise!

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  1. had no idea the CIA you were speaking of was the culinary institute of america, so neat!

  2. My favorite were the elephant corkscrews!!!

  3. @AndiP, of course they were! I didn’t have enough time to check them all out, I headed into the store and bought chocolate!

  4. CJ at Initial Charmer says:

    Thanks for stopping by the WW Linkup! I’m smitten by your blog, neww follower:)

  5. @CJ, why thank you! And welcome!

  6. Lauren @ Hobo Mama says:

    Those are much fancier corkscrews than we see around this house! How cool.

  7. @Lauren, so true, I’d be afraid to use them for fear of breaking it.

  8. Shannon says:

    This is neat. I love old cooking implements. It makes me think of True Blood and the metal bread toaster to toast bread in a fire.

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