The Art of Loving Your Life through Travel

Chique Secrets of Dolce Amore by Barbara ConelliI am participating in WOW-Women on Writing’s “The Art of Loving Your Life” Blanket Tour to celebrate the release of Barbara Conelli’s new book, Chique Secrets of Dolce Amore. Barbara Conelli is an internationally published bestselling author, seasoned travel writer specializing in Italy. Chique Secrets of Dolce Amore offers an intimate view into the unpredictable and extravagant city of Milan, its glamorous feminine secrets, the everyday magic of its dreamy streets, the passionate romance of its elegant hideaways, and the sweet Italian art of delightfully falling in love with your life wherever you go.

Barbara shares her “fascinating, enthralling and seductive travel and life tales about unexpected encounters with the capricious, unpredictable and extravagant city of Milan, its glamorous feminine secrets, the everyday magic of its dreamy streets, the passionate romance of its elegant hideaways, and the sweet Italian art of delightfully falling in love with your life wherever you go.”  With a description like that, what’s not to like?

It intrigues me for a couple of reasons.  One, Barbara just sounds like my kind of girl and I think she and I could spend hours in a coffee shop chatting!  And secondly, I have been to Milan twice for very, very brief visits and found it lacking so I want to learn what I missed, what its secrets are and what make Barbara love it so much?

Ah, but that is for another time and another post (coming next month!).  Today we are celebrating the art of loving your life.   What is it that makes your life poetic? How do your find beauty in every day? What is a favorite memory to share—one that sums up your idea of a beautiful life? When I think about these questions all the answers are, of course, wrapped in travel.

Although I am having a life long affair with one city, I am passionate about traveling to the four corners of the globe.  It is the thing that keeps me going.  It is a motivating factor in my day-to-day life that not only gets me to work every morning, but also drives my thoughts, my conversations, my dreams, my weekends, my meals, everything!

Travel is important to me not only because of its entertainment value which enriches my soul (and my belly) but because of how it has shaped my life.  I am the person I am today because of the journeys, both spiritual via films and books and geographical. The prose of my life has been one of discovery and openness as a result of travel.

Every trip adds more to the tapestry that is my life, adds additional color to the canvas that is my path, and fills my heart and soul with amazing memories.  The bonus is that I get to then share those memories with you here in my little corner of the blogosphere!

Read Barbara’s post about loving life and view a list of other blogs participating in The Art of Loving Your Life tour.

Here is the book trailer for you to check out as well as the YouTube link:

You can win a copy for yourself!
Leave a comment telling me how you love your life or comment on any of the others participating in The Art of Loving Your Life tour, and you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of Chique Secrets of Dolce Amore!  You have until June 25th to leave your comment!

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  1. Andi, thank you very much for participating in my book tour, and for your lovely post. I absolutely agree, travel is the best school of life, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without the gift of travel. I’m just like you – when I don’t travel, I dream about my next trip, and I love writing about my travel adventures. Being a globetrotter is a wonderful blessing, and I love meeting fellow nomads! :) Happy traveling!

  2. @Barbara thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind words and insight!

  3. It sounds like you’ve got a passion, Andi! I think passions are important for women (okay, men too!) who love their life or want to love their life. And following those passions is vital! Yahoo!

  4. What an awesome tour to be a part of!!! You know that I love my life exactly the same way you love yours…through travel baby!!!

  5. @Andi of My Beautiful Adventures: Isn’t it great to meet women who live with the same passion, zest and gusto? YAY! We’re a bunch of pretty Chique ladies :)

  6. @AndiP, you know it!

  7. After 20 years of city living, I would never have known that I really loved growing things. I find perfection in the soft breeze and the green leaves popping out of the earth these days.

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