(Not quite) Wordless Wednesday #151: Lummi Island Flower

Lummi-Island-FlowerI have a post bubbling under the surface just waiting to burst out into the light of day…the topic being the weekend I just spent on Lummi Island and the incredible meal I ate while there.  But travel and work schedules plus an allergy attack have become obstacles.  Ones that I hope to overcome this weekend!

In the meantime, please enjoy this absolutely gorgeous flower I spotted over the weekend.  I have an attraction to purple flowers, don’t know why, just do.  I love the black interwoven into the stamens (?) and the base of the flower.  Black is not a color I normally associate with flowers, but it certainly makes this one more dramatic in my eyes.

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Beautiful shot, I love the islands! P.S. Hope you feel better soon, allergies are no fun!

  2. @CopyStrands – thanks! I love the SJI too!

  3. how dynamic. the flower’s soft, flimsy petals contrast so much with the prickly looking base.

  4. oops, linked up the wrong blog address in my last comment. this one will take you to my WW.. sorry about that.

  5. @Sheila, thank you!

  6. Yes…it’s gorgeous!

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