Friday Food Foto – Raku Bowl


An empty vessel about to hold the most amazing Agadashi tofu I ever had.

I am still sort of living on the high of the meal I had at Raku. Dinner in the precense of greatness can do that to you. It can be a spiritual experience.

As I post this I am headed on another culinary journey prompted by the post of another food blogger. I am headed to a tiny spot in the San Juan Islands called Lummi Island to eat a meal that the New York Times says is one of “10 Restaurants Worth a Plane Ride.” I am not going to go into the details here, that will be a post next week, but I can’t wait to complete this food pilgrimage.

More Tasty Tidbits:

From Annie’s Eats: Grilled flatbrad with morels

From Eat Live Run: Spicy guacamole hummus pary toasts

From Eat Live Travel Write: Navarin printanier

From Food and Fabulous: Marinated octopus salad with grilled aubergine tahini

From Tastespotting: Bacon jam and grilled cheese sandwich

From How Sweet Eats: Crockpot beer carnitas tacos

For my gluten-free freinds:

From the Gonzo Gourmet: Gluten-free popovers

From Love Veggies and Yoga: Vanilla avocado banana ice cream

How about you? What have you been eating lately?

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  1. OMG that dish sounds amazing! I LOVE tofu!!!

  2. What a great adventure. My dad had a lot of affection for the San Juan and Mariana Islands. I can’t wait to read about it.

  3. Tofu hmmm, not necessarily my thing but you’re making it sound pretty good :)

  4. @Kyle, it’s fried…anything fried is good ;-)

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