Friday Food Foto – Mama's Empanadas

Mamas Empanadas San Francisco

Another San Francisco food truck exploration this week, in fact Mama’s Empanadas are ranked #2 on the  ZAGAT Bay Area Food Truck list. (Number one on that list is on my food truck bucket list, Spencer on the Go, although my number on to try is still Sam’s Chowder truck.).

This truck offers what would seem to be a strange food combination, but in reality with Mama being born in Chile and raised in Italy, the empanadas and pasta offerings work.

I tried both the chicken and the beef. The beef is made with ground Niman (it’s San Francisco, of course it is Niman!) black olives and cumin with a Chilean crust  (meaning, non-flaky) that’s baked, not fried. The chicken is roasted chicken with red bell peppers, cumin, and pimento stuffed green olives.

While both were delicious.  I liked the beef better, the meat was juicier, not sure if you can see it in the photo, but there is juices running out of the top! (A few more photos are included in my San Francisco food truck album on Flickr.)

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How about you?  What have you been eating lately?

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  1. That looks divine!

  2. @Walker, it was very ummy! It has been years since I’ve had an empanada and I have forgotten how good they are! I actually goofed up my days and was expecting Southern barbeque and these guys were there instead, happy that is was the #2 Zagat truck, if I was going to have empanadas, at least they were good!

  3. If I showed this pic to my hubby he’d eat the laptop!

  4. @AndiP, they were truly yummy!

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