Photo of the Day: Paris in Macro Series #3

Door near Rue de Bretagne

Location: Near Rue de Bretagne, Paris, France.


  1. I know exactly where that is at.

    Just kidding, but I think it is near the 6th Quarter?

  2. @ZombieMommySaves, in the 3rd on Rue de Bretagne…although there are a lot of red (blue and green) doors all over Paris and I did take a picture of another one in the 6th! But this close-up came from the 3rd.

  3. Actually I got confused. I stayed 8 years ago in the 3rd Quarter right off the Rue De Bretagne on Rue De Beauce (Hotel Du Marais, the cheapest hostel in Paris) . So actually I probably did SEE this door!

  4. Near the post office?

  5. @ZombieMommySaves, I am not sure if there was a post office, but it was very close to a veterinary clinic. It was my first time on that street, I was walking on my way to my second food tour of the day (which I am writing about on Thursday) so I was wandering and killing time while I walked.

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