French Friday – A Passion for Paris with Fleurishing

I met Susan of Fleurishing through Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland. She is just as enamored with Paris as I am.  Since she lives in Philly and I live in the San Francisco, we are both in the same boat…we worship from afar!

I had the pleasure of recently being the subject of a Proust interview on her blog and I asked her to return the favor by posting about her Passion for Paris. Here is Susan’s expression of her passion.

My love affair with France, and of course, Paris, began at an early age. My parents had lived in France & Germany for a few years, and one side of my family is from Alsace Lorraine, so I was destined to love it. I was surrounded by the culture, language, and traditions and developed quite an affinity for it.

I have a French half-brother who also helped to develop my love for France…he lives in the beautiful Loire Valley. We did not meet until my early twenties, and it was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I’m a lucky girl to have family in such a beautiful place! That being said, my passion for Paris is infinite…here are a few photographic representations of why.

Thank you for having me, Andi…merci mille fois!




Cuisine. (specifically, sweets!)


Romance. (last but certainly not least!)

About the author
A self-proclaimed francophile, Susan Hutchinson writes about her love for all things french, and everyday musings on her blog, fleurishing. She is an interior designer by day, and owns Nesting, a baby/kids design company. She lives in a historic suburb of Philadelphia with her husband and furry child, Billy!

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  1. Merci mille fois Andi, it was my pleasure!

  2. I love her blog…great feature!

  3. I love Susan, thank god she became a Francophile! Her photos are wonderful and I know she’ll be back to France annually. Great feature!

  4. Lovely photos Susan! Great idea Andi :)

  5. Thanks so much Lindsey & Cailin! It seems my pattern is every 2 years to Paris, but I may beat that record this year! ;)

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